Other Places

A couple of years ago I started to learn how to make a fool of myself online.  I’m sure I was successful as people seem to think I’m a joke.  I had thought if I wrote about whatever bothers me I might have an audience, and actually get some feedback.  I was not able to get anyone to respond or comment, let alone show any interest.  The original blog I started is still out there, hanging out in cyber-space. http://corrosionworksnet-rgcorros.blogspot.com is the site.  There are other places I tried to make a splash, and I’m sure no one has found me there either.

I get lots of e-mails giving me advice about what I should be doing, how I should do things and the best way to accomplish all my dreams.  Most of the information I get seems pretty good, although nothing has changed.  I am still being ignored on a world-wide scale.  I know you can’t make it big over night, and most of the best bloggers had to start from scratch and work for a readership that would respond to whatever was written.  I just haven’t figured out how yet.

So…since I wasn’t noticed at one place, I tried to be found at other places, where all the cool people go while hanging out on the web.  It seems to be quite a trick to catch everyone’s attention.  I’m not looking to start a riot, and I don’t really need someone to slap me on the back and give me an attaboy, but I thought someone would notice I was shouting from the rooftop of the web.  If you notice or hear me kindly direct me to the place I need to find.  Since this isn’t working I need to get to that other place, where what I write might make a difference.

I do realize there are currently over a billion websites out there and if I was really good with keywords, and learned to spout a certain hype more people would click on my offerings.  I’m just not that kind of guy.  I don’t want to mislead anyone.

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