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It’s never convenient to be without something one really needs, or wants.  We are so accustomed, to being able to go, do, live, act, and be, whatever, however, whenever, or where ever, for whatever reason we choose.  We have no patience for inconvenience.  If something doesn’t work right,and we don’t know how to fix it, we’ll call for support.

We’ll relate all of the particulars involving our problem, and the person, or recording offers various ways to get to the next step.  We hope this will be the resolution to our dilemma.  It’s such a bother, why  do such simple things give us so much trouble?  All a person can do is fret about not being able to do that thing, that caused all the inconvenience in the first place, only causing more of the same.

Today is the next day, of the waiting game.  Nothing really matters, except the minor irritation of not solving the issue of the previous day.  Still waiting….

Ok, this is ridiculous, something has to happen.  The tech guy should be along sometime, to verify the details I’ve given.  Just my luck, my task requires an engineer, not just a tech, and no one can confirm when my number will come up.  Why are we so impatient? Why are we so addicted to our own convenience? What we prefer is everything to work right, without interruption.  What we’re given is Murphy’s law….

So it’s of little consequence to anyone if I get back in the game or not.  Day I’m not sure when, almost over the withdrawal feelings, almost…Still waiting.  If I’m not here to meet the person,that may or may not show up, to deal with this thing, will they do whatever is required to provide a cure? I want to think ” they’re professionals, they’ll take care of everything”.  But I know if I miss them, I’ll be informed , I missed them, and yes they would have seen the note, but due to possible liability la ti dah…So it’s all on hold again, waiting…..

At last, the engineer, my problem will be solved now.  The relief.  Finally someone to get me back in the game. Then the bad news.  The details I reported were, in fact correct. ” So what’s the problem?”  The engineer will assist a technician.  “Ok, so what’s the hangup?”  This will be a new installation.  The current system for the distribution of the service, is about to be not current, so an updated system is essential.  ” Whatever just do it, right?”   Well the new system wont be implemented yet until all the bugs are worked out.  ” Why not just hook up my stuff, the way the neighbors stuff is hooked up?”   That’s the old way, and the provider doesn’t want to be responsible, for providing a failing service.

Not just Murphy, now I have a genuine catch 22.  All this for a little inconvenience, what is the price of a great one?

3 hours worth of phone calls, now my phone is useless, but another van has arrived.  Great joy, I’ll see this through yet.

It’s 2 days later again, and I’m fairly positive, today will be the one.  Two vans, full of every kind of hook-up gear ever manufactured, sitting in the drive, with a sporty looking Buick.  I began to feel, I definitely rate, as I’ve got an engineer and two technicians.  I heard one of the techs, say something about a supervisor on his way.  4 hours later, I got the latest intel on the project.

I should be elated, the project looks like it might work, if I knew what I was looking at.  The new system transmits at a different frequency….The muffler bearings….the framstat, on the diagnostic…No signal match….To dark to try to figure out today.  Monday, no Monday is a holiday…

3 vans, a Buick, a Bucket truck, and a new Lincoln, plus a couple extra techs.  The extras were there to learn how to do this type of new install.  I was told the guys brought whatever it might take, to get me back in my game.  I wonder if it’s just a waiting game…

6 hours and counting, the guys are all busy, and we’re all on a first name basis now.  The impedance is correct and the frequency matches, but the code doesn’t recognize the system, and overloads the…

It’s getting frustrating, but today is the day.  I can hardly wait, but I’ll have to, as that is the name of the game.  3 more hours passed by, and I get another update about the work being performed.  There seems to be a phase variance, coming through the sequencer, affecting the modulated pulse transducer, causing a feedback loop in the core’s primary inverter.  It’s getting dark again, and no one will be able to figure any of this out today….

2 more days, and countless trucks, vans, Buicks and Lincolns, techs, and supervisors, and more engineers.  The original problem, has been fixed and the service should be up and running soon.  Yes, I see the main man coming now…

Can you believe it?  All that hoop de lah for this.  The new installation, done in the near new way, since the new way hasn’t been implemented yet, will have to be updated when the new system is ready to be brought up to bear the load….And the cost is only 60% higher than the highest estimate, due to being a new install, on an old system, in the process of being updated.

Obviously I want the service, or I wouldn’t have called.  I am disappointed at the price but what does one do?  I give them my card, and wince at the price tag, and smile in my mind.  I’m getting back into the game.  My anticipation is paramount.  I almost can’t wait for all those engineers and techs and supervisors and whoever else to leave.

The dust gently settles in the driveway as the procession leaves my neighborhood, and I rush inside to get back into the game.  Why is it, when a person is bent on doing something, they’ve been anticipating, Murphy jumps into the mix?  What now?  What code?  I don’t get the code until the payment has cleared the bank.  Well, what do you expect from a multi-billion dollar company.  Guess I will have to wait until tomorrow, what’s one more day now?

It’s extremely difficult waiting…In another hour the bank will be open, and I will get everything wrapped up, and be able to get back in the game.  Fourty nine minutes, boy time sure doesn’t move at all when you really want it to. 37 minutes….

What a load of crap.  A dollar short, and the whole world just stops.  Because the new install costed more than planned, the bank can’t cover the dollar, and sets my account back even farther.  Overdraft fees.  Sometimes it seems like the whole universe is against me.  I’ll have to wait for payday, then I’m getting back in the game.

11 days later, it’s payday again and it’s not a holiday.  The bank should be open, and the company paying my wages is sound, so there shouldn’t be any problem getting all this taken care of.  Wonderful news.  The bank admitted the previous error on my account was a glitch with their system.  All wrongly charged fees have been refunded and my account is in good standing.  Yes!  I’m getting back in the game.

Pawing through a pile of paperwork, I located the number to call, to finally activate the system.  What is this?  That number was a working number just days ago.  At least there was another number to call if I wasn’t able to reach anyone at the main office.  What was that?  The multi-billion dollar company, with whom I had been dealing, has gone bankrupt.  No, so what now?

It seems the dollar the bank wouldn’t front me, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  But, before closing it’s doors, all the pending accounts were forwarded to another company.  Yes I do have the number, please be the end of all this waiting game.  This company is on the ball.  They know who I am, and all of the particulars in regard to my account status.

“Why can’t I activate the system?  Yes, I knew I had to wait until the payment was processed, but that should have been days ago”.  “What?  I have a statement from the bank showing the payment had been paid”.  “What do you mean, it wasn’t recorded in your system, it’s recorded everywhere else”.  “Ok if that’s what it takes, open another account”.  “Yes all of that information is current and correct.  How long until proper verification”?

“Support”?  “Yes it’s me again”.  “No, the stupid code will not work”.  “Yes, I’ve tried it that way too”…”no”…  “I do know how to enter a security code”.  “No, I’m not being snippy.  I’m just frustrated”, “no, I’m not blaming you, I just don’t understand what the hangup is”…. “Yes that will be fine, I’ll wait for your guys to get here to take care of this minor glitch, thanks”…..

The new company must really be new.  All of their vehicles are new also.  Black with gold, great colors and logo, they look to be professional.  What’s this?  “That was put together by the other company.  It’s a new install on an old system, in the process of being updated.  That’s what they had explained to me”.  “No, I don’t know anything about the new system”.  The tech doesn’t know how this was put together either.  Hopefully I’ll see him on Monday.

At last, Monday morning, and a whole yard full of the shiny black and gold trucks.  More techs and supervisors, and a couple more engineers.  It’s strange not one of them has ever seen a system quite like mine.  How could things get so complicated?  I’ve been reassured, these guys are all professionals, and I should be back in the game by the end of the day.

Now what?  There’s a gathering of workers and their supervisors.  Even the bosses are all looking at my new system and shaking their heads.  No one, at least, in this company has ever seen this kind of setup.  Yes I explained, I saw what was built, and although I don’t understand all of the technology embedded in the new system, I am sure it will work.  ( It seems I, who doesn’t know diddley from doo, knows more about this new installation, than all of the professional types, hanging around the yard.)

The new system, a new and improved standard installation, turns out to be related to rocket science.  Sounds like my luck is holding.  Tomorrow we’ll get to put this puppy online and see what it’s capabilities are.  I knew I shouldn’t get too excited, but maybe tomorrow I’ll be back in the game.  Sleep never comes to those so full of anticipation, but I can get by without a few hours of sleep.

There is a storm raging out there.  I should be raging too, almost a month into this whole fiasco, and not much seems to have been accomplished.  The storm is too severe to send techs and equipment out today, but I’ve not been forgotten.  I’m number 1… Ahead of all the rest, first on the list.  After it’s safe to venture forth, I will get my system going and get back in the game.

Murphy again!  3 days to get past the worst storm in fifty years.  Trees broken and littering the highways, power lines down, blown transformers.  Too much debris to get past.  The army corp of engineers will have everything all cleaned up by the end of the week.  I can expect to see my crew here, in 3 or 4 days.  My crew!  Now I feel important, it’s my crew.

“Hello”?  “Yes it’s me”. “The what”?  “I find that hard to believe”.  Apparently the engineers and the design team, were working on a model of my system.  The schematics suggest, there may be some variance of the waveform that won’t interact kindly in the last stage mixer buffers, creating possible echos in the matrix.  It can probably be handled with a 941 code box wired into the sub-junction of the linear node amp, relieving the unnecessary pulse transmissions. The bad news is that the 941 code box is still in China.  The good news is, it will be shipped out at their earliest convenience.  Great, soon I’ll be back in the game.

” Hey there, I’m trying to reach Julie”.  “Yes, she’s with billing”.  “Sure, I’ll hold, but I am short on minutes”.  “Hey Julie, this is me and I’m returning your call”.  “What do you mean delinquent payment”?  “No, the system isn’t even running yet”.  “I don’t know who said what.  All I know is the thing ain’t working yet, and it’s been over a month”.  “No, really I’m not being rude.  The system was under construction, when your company inherited that account.  The service had not yet been activated”…. “I know you have an account activated for me on that date, but the service has yet to begin”…. “Yes”… “We’re hoping”… “Ok, that sounds fine, I’ll notify you when the service is activated and my billing should begin then”?  “What do you mean?  I didn’t call the whole darn company out to my place.  I don’t believe they’re all working on” …….

Out of phone again.  It’s always something.  I may be actually learning something.  Patience…Breathe…The top dog foreman or whatever his title, just handed me the schematics of the new system, with revision notes and a few part numbers.  Included was a revision of the installation package and new billing numbers.  Looks like I bought the whole company.  I’m pretty sure I can’t afford this….Contract?  Lawyers?

Well once again, it looks like it’s time for the waiting game…..


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