photo - Johnny Five

“Need Input”

I have to ask my readership to forgive my actions here in this blog. In trying to give others interesting reads, I forget some folks don’t want a long involved story. I’m not fluent in video nor have I figured out how I could use it to bring my ramblings to my audience.


I can’t afford to hire a pretty, or handsome person to present my offerings on video. I am neither pretty or handsome and me, on video would truly frighten or repulse the people I hope to entertain. That would be the story, ” Squatch caught on video”.


I was hoping to create an eclectic site that many would enjoy, so I wouldn’t be just another boring website. It’s difficult finding material pleasing to a varied crowd. Part of my problem is I have a lot of interests, and want to present articles, news and stories that you may enjoy.


I am still asking for ideas. I have lots of ideas, but I want you to enjoy it, not me. As Johnny Five said in Short circuit, ” Need Input “. So my apologies to you, and please drop an email or comment, and tell me where to go with all of this.

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