Internet Ruins Mystery

A blogging friend of mine asked,

This is the 21st century. Mystery is no longer tolerable in our society. There are no blind dates, and if you got mixed up with the wrong person, it is your fault! We live at a time when anyone can find out the who, what, when, where, why, and how, of anything. No mystery, no imagination, and no chance for surprise.

I lied about no surprise. It’s easy to lie on your online profiles. We live at a time when lying, cheating and stealing are more common than truth and honesty. Everyone wants to appear to be more, or better than they really are. You don’t want to find out how boring, dull, uneducated, prejudiced or sexist, someone is, face to face. You can Google them and get all the “low down” right away.

People harbor secrets, so many times aren’t truthful with others as to “who” they really are or “what” they are after. The accessibility of facts makes it easier to find out about someone due to our new technologies, but still leaves you wondering, what is true and what is not?

The social medium allows people to appear bigger than life. More real than anyone else. Is the competition that tough? Can’t people find out anything by just asking a couple of questions, face to face? Too many people hide behind technology. Are you one of those people? The answer to you Lauren is a definitive YES, the internet has taken away the mystery, and the wonder of new discoveries, in person. You can discover everything on your smart phone, and save yourself an awkward encounter.

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