It’s no news that people take stuff from hotels.
Whether it’s to snag an unusual souvenir, to get
their money’s worth, to make up for being “overcharged,”
or because hotels tend to loosen inhibitions, guests
take enough things to cost the hotel industry big

To be specific, theft costs hotels $100 million
a year, according to an estimate a few years ago by
the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Here are 10 that stand out:

• A $300,000 Andy Warhol artwork, taken from the W Hong Kong.

• A 12-foot model of the Concorde, taken from a Best Western
hotel, according to a survey of that chain’s housekeepers.
How did no one notice that on its way out?

• A suit of armor, reported in the same survey.

• A grand piano. Former Starwood GM Colin Bennett told
the Telegraph about the time three people dressed in overalls
strolled into a hotel lobby and wheeled the instrument out
of the hotel and down the street.

• Serious plumbing. One guest stripped a Berlin hotel room
of its Monsoon shower heads, hydromassage shower units,
taps, toilet seats, and sink.

• A stuffed boar’s head. A guest tried to abscond from the
Hotel du Vin in Birmingham, UK, with the mounted head. After
he was caught, his friends bought it for his wedding gift.

• A minibar fridge. Lots of people empty it, but one guest
at a five-star hotel in Dubai left the bottles and took the
unit itself, along with the sofa.

• A marble fireplace. A guest at the Four Seasons Beverly
Hills was alleged to have lifted one. (Perhaps not literally.)

• A medieval sword, according to a survey by Caterer and
Hospitality magazine. Question: How did that guest make
it through airport security?

• A hotelier’s pet dog?
The content in this post came to me via an email a marketer sent me. The actual story came from I had to google the information so as to make sure I wasn’t just posting someone’s phony crap. Hope this was fun for you.


  1. Those thieves must have been really good or the security of the hotels really suck. How on earth can they steal a piano or a large Concorde model anyway? 🙂


    • Hey there, the piano was stolen by 4 men dressed in overalls. They put the piano on a dolly and rolled it down the street. Having shoplifted in my distant past, I know from experience. If you act like you are doing as you’re expected, no one even thinks twice.

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      • Yeah, I had a classmate during high school who is very good in what he’s doing. There was once a 3-day book fair in our school and he was able to steal more than $600 or more worth of books (I think) without those dumbasses knowing. He had even stole both the Guinness and Ripley’s books. They said that the book fair would be a yearly activity but they didn’t return in the following years 😛

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