Actually it’s survival. I just wanted to see if google would give that title some page. Are you able to survive if the lights go out? How about when the next flood hits? Earthquake? Lost in the wilderness? Airplane crash? Car accident?

Whatever the case, can you do what’s needed to keep things right? Are you prepared for whatever happens? Do you know basic first aid? Do you have an emergency plan? A kit for times of disaster? Food, water, shelter, spare batteries and a flashlight?
When the Zombie Apocalypse comes about, do you have weapons, or fighting skills? Are you prepared for trouble when it comes knocking at your door? Do you have emergency numbers at your fingertips when you need them?
Preparedness is more than having an idea of what to do. It’s knowing you can do what’s needed. Surgery skills, fire making, water location and filtration or the ability to find food and decent shelter are all items on the list.

This site above is one of the best sites for preparedness I have found online. The webmaster is an ex combat veteran with years of training and experience, and knowledge. He has the answers to all of the questions I asked earlier.

Graywolf also has an extensive book collection to help you learn “what to do when the SHTF”. The previous acronym stands for shit hits the fan.

I have included some of the ebooks with most of the basic information you may need when times call for Survival or else.
1881_Household_Cyclopedia: This book has nearly everything you need to sustain a living.
Complete-Guide-To-Home-Canning: Pretty much self-explanatory.
How-to-make-Black-Powder: Again, the title gives it away.
Making_Soap: This is easy and straight forward.
Preservation_of_Fish_and_Meat_2004: An important part of your possible future.
Rural_Tanning_Techniques_No-68_1974: In case you have to preserve leather and skins.
The_Handbook_For_Practical_Farmers_1920s: So you can grow edibles and usables.
The-Complete-Book-of-Self-Sufficiency-John-Seymour: Just like the title suggests.
Tricks-of-Trapping: In case you can’t shoot them.
Ultimate-Guide-to-Wilderness-Living: Shows you how to live without…
USMC-Summer-Survival-Course-Handbook-_6_february-2005: Handy and useful information.
Water_-_Water_Treatment: How to get a drink without going to a bar.
Preparedness LDS: Many ways to be prepared.
Anyway this list can just keep getting longer, and most of you probably won’t want what I’ve offered up. Check out the site and get ready for whatever happens.

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