Blog Etiquette?

I know I’ve posted nice little tidbits of how you should do this or that. The point is mostly those posts are for me. I should do this or that. And…It’s obvious to everyone I haven’t managed to follow my own advice.

“You still have much to learn young Grasshopper”. I don’t know all or even most of the rules for being proper with this blog. I know it’s proper and polite to give credit where it is due. I place links to posts to give credit to where the article came from, so that is good.

I need to be more consistent with photo credits, and actually find out whose picture I am using. My site doesn’t seem professional, probably because I get lazy or in a hurry. I see all kinds of beautiful blogs, all professional and extremely inviting. I almost think I have to take my boots off before I can enter.

I am taking notes and it’s time I found out the rules. Is there a Roberts Rule Of Blogging? May I borrow it for a couple of days? Does anyone really know the rules, or is it about being polite and honest. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors post.

Somebody please, give me the Politically Correct Unabridged Edition Of Blog Etiquette, so I won’t look like a total hillbilly. I did crawl out of the woods recently, and have been hiding under a rock, but I don’t want to offend anyone by making a blog-blunder. Look I just gave you an idea for a post!

To blog or not to blog, that wasn’t the question.
Whether it is nobler to suffer the ridicule of poor manners….

5 thoughts on “Blog Etiquette?

  1. There is nothing wrong with the layout of your site. Concerning photo credits, put the link in your photo’s caption.

    I’m more of a content person, and while it’s nice if a person’s website has some pastel backdrop and a live feed of photos on the side, that’s not what’s going to prod me to comment and “Follow.” One of the best blogs I’ve come across had posts aligned in the center against a bare white page. Times New Roman. Nothing else.

    I like your posts in that I like lists. They also touch upon things I often encounter, like sea monsters in my email, or cute guys in college watching Man vs. Wild in the Student Center lobby. That being said, I’m following your blog.

    As for etiquette, and rules, I wouldn’t worry too much. I personally appreciate comments more than likes. I try not to worry about what topics to post, because for me, it’s MY blog. If a post makes someone smile, I’ll smile. But if not, that’s okay too. Originally it was set up as a form of stress relief.

    I do admit that I feel… a bit eerie if someone likes my posts by the mass. Like, getting 15 “Like” notifications in five minutes that set my cellphone shaking and the notification star on the righthand corner blinking like it’s an emergency. One comment is better than five likes, if you ask me.

    Reciprocate if you feel like it. And write when you feel like it. The key is not to worry too much, and wear your Crocs or whatever fashion quirks you may have with pride.

    – Kris

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  2. Hey,
    Just wanted to let you know that it’s a huge huge world and millions of bloggers here..
    If your post brings smile on one’s face, it has to offend someone most likely ( as people are different) and vice versa
    So no etiquettes, no rules
    Please be yourself here.. Talk the way you do
    Trust me, we all tend to find our kinda people whenever there are alot of people… You will find too
    Liked your post!!!
    Nice to meet you

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