Gifts And Talents

Everyone is born with something special. Those ” something specials ” are a multitude of gifts and talents. Many don’t recognize them for what they are, either because they’re not developed fully or just not thought of as a gift or talent. Those special somethings are what defines a person, and helps to shape who they are or will become.

When I was young I didn’t know about these things. It was odd to me knowing things I had never read about. Someone might ask me, “Did you know about this?” and yes I did, even though I had never heard of it, or thought about it. I always thought of these things as tricks, like a magician, or mind reader.

I was born with a bunch of these special tricks. The bad part for me was, I never figured out a way to use these talents to make a living. I never even considered them to be gifts or talents, just me, and I knew I wasn’t anyone special. I grew up knowing my abilities were not worth a spit, let alone mentioning.

I know the time! Not just what time it is right now, but how much time has passed between things, like I have a set of clocks in my head. Real time, elapsed time, future time. It could only be an asset for someone who really needs to know things in a timely way.

I know when someone or something encroaches my space. I don’t have to see or hear to know. I always know when to look out to the road a 1/2 mile distant. I will see who is coming before the dogs are aware of it. I always see the wild animals out there. I just know when and where to look.

I see all of the things people seem to miss. Other people say I think sideways, or outside of the box. I don’t know that I do think that way, I just wonder why others don’t see an answer that seems so obvious to me.

I can read between the lines. This is good sometimes, as I can understand things without having to look it up. But it’s bad sometimes too, because I know when it’s time to leave. I know things, some of which I would rather not know. The best part of that little trick is I can make myself scarce, keep my mouth shut, and not give away any clues that I know.

I am a tool user and understand many of the laws of the universe. My brain calculates constantly, how far, how much, how many, what will happen if? I don’t even have to consciously think about problems. In the background my mind tells me what I need to know, or do.

When someone’s phone rings, I know who it is or what the call is about. I just ken the universe. I like to be by myself, so I don’t have to know what everyone else is up to. The little guy in my head keeps me amused, so I don’t miss noise or rather, I don’t need radio’s or t.v.’s. running in the background.

So what kind of freak am I? The real question is why aren’t you all freaks like me? Let me know what kind of freak you are, maybe I could write about it too.

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