How To Create A Successful Blog

By Betcher Yawning Alltheway
On the first part of this series, Create A successful Blog, we will explore all of the designs, styles, types, categories, features and functions of blogging. This course isn’t intended to make you a successful blogger, or to change the way you blog. It is merely to enlighten you as to how famous and rich you will become.

Here at Borin Again Reads we have an investment in professionally manicured, and totally scripted blog practices. If this course study is too difficult for you to understand, you may opt to visit our less comprehensive and not free, “beginners Blogging For Dummies” course, just past the latrines.

Todays lessons will include Posts from some of the least respected blogs, and keep in mind, there will be a test.

In order to create a successful blog, you have to remember all of these rules:( we will go into the listed points thoroughly, so as to stomp it into your brain.)

Get a blog started ( If you want I have a self-starter blog, only $399.99

Write stuff on it (This is only if you feel like it, You can always do this later)

Make sure it’s really turned on (the website dummy)

Look at the words you posted ( I mean study them, are they words?)

Ask someone older than 9 years old to check your spelling (94-year-old Nana, is out)

Use a keyboard (crayons are a no-no)

Pretend you’re an expert (everyone is stupid, so they won’t know any better)

Post provocative posts ( something to catch the attention of those you are posting for)

Make bold statements (folks are gullible, so lead them on)

State the obvious ( only don’t be obvious about it)

Offer your followers and likers substance (cookies and chocolate milk works)

Content ( If you are not content, you are not happy)


This is enough for today as you probably are busy having aneurysms and such from trying to pay attention. tomorrow we will go over the same stuff, and probably the day after that too, also, as well.

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