The First Question

1. What is something about yourself that you dislike, and have you ever thought to address it?

I dislike my laziness, and lack of give a damn. I didn’t try hard enough, and I didn’t care.

The second part of that question is yes.

How was that? Short and to the point. No room for miscommunication there.

I address those problems of mine constantly. I have to make myself be more productive.

I have to do something to make my mark. I have to prove to myself, I am a valuable being.

My laziness has been around a long time. I just let things slide. Not the rent, never!

I write family all of the time. I never mail them the letters I’ve written.

I do nice things for people, but won’t let them do things for me.

This is gonna be a downer post, I can tell. I should have asked a different question.

I Squatch do solemnly swear,to not be a lazy good for not.

I promise to be: Noteworthy, Loyal, Mostly courteous, Kindish, Helpful sort of,

Informative if I am able, Humorous to a degree,Friendly like a puppy,

Brave about posts, Decent as a person, and Reverent if really necessary.

How about you? Are you willing to answer the question?

Call lines are now open. That number again is 42.

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