Weasel-riding-woodpecker picture Twitter prompts weighty debate
#Tweet #Apps – Weasel-riding-woodpecker picture prompts weighty Twitter debate – It’s that age-old story: weasel meets bird, weasel falls in love with bird, weasel won’t let bird go – even when it flies off. This extraordinary picture taken by amateur wildlife photographer Martin Le-May has caused some chin-scratching among ornithologists everywhere.

photo-weasel riding woodpecker

weasel riding woodpecker

Is it possible for a woodpecker to carry a weasel on its back? Apparently so. Wildlife presenter Steve Backshall told Radio 1’s Newsbeat: “For the bird to be able to fly is pretty extraordinary, but not unheard of, so I have no reason to doubt it.”

The image of the wide-eyed bird and its stowaway was taken at Hornchurch country park in Essex, where Le-May was hoping to show his wife Ann a green woodpecker.After hearing “distressed squawking”, he spotted the bird with the small mammal on its back, and took a series of photographs as the startled pair flew past.
Weasel-riding-woodpecker picture Twitter prompts weighty debate
When the bird landed near him, he believes the weasel became distracted and the woodpecker seized its opportunity, “gathered its self-respect and flew up into the trees and away from our sight”.

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