What Should I Do?

What Should I Do?
I received a new follower yesterday. We all think that’s great, unless it isn’t of course. The new follower immediately re-blogged my post. That was a post I re-blogged from another site.

I didn’t think that was so bad, but later on in the evening, I put together a couple more articles, and before I could even finish the final edit, they were once again re-blogged, by the same person.

He must have a ” bot ” working for him, because I went to the site when I was notified of a new follow, and there wasn’t much there. I always follow a follower. That’s my way to quietly stalk my visitors, and see what they have, and learn of their interests.

Within 20 minutes of my pressing the follow button on that site, my email box was over loaded with posts from that site. I read many of the titles on the emails, and they all seemed to be re-blogs, from all kinds of sites.



Is this some kind of spamming? I deleted 250 emails, from that site, and my mailbox continues to fill up with post notifications from that site. At the moment I still have about 4 or 5 hundred more to eliminate, and I’m sure it wont stop there.

photo-POST TO rennydioknodotcom

POST TO rennydioknodotcom

I don’t want to offend anyone, but now I wonder if I should un-follow. I am mostly afraid that as soon as I post this, it will be snagged, and re-blogged, by the same site. I don’t think the owner of the site reads that many posts, in one sitting.

Am I being an asshole for posting this? Am I right about this? Is this the way to make friends out here? I NEED INPUT!



16 thoughts on “What Should I Do?

  1. Holey sock monkeys!

    The post with all of the images caused even my beast of a gaming machine to chug just a bit.

    I absolutely support the notion of reblogging, it’s a useful tool, but I definitely think it’s being misused in this particular case. I really feel that any given blog needs to have some of its author’s very own voice, some bit of originality.

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  2. You should of course block that spammer and report that blog to wordpress as a spamming site. I have also followed a blog last month and the blog overflowed my reader with a shitload of contents from other blogs. I didnt bother to talk to whoever that fucker was since I would just most likely be galking to his bots so I just blocked and reported his blog

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  3. This is tremendously inconvenient. It is a spamming site. May I suggest that you report everything with screenshots to WordPress ? They like to suspend decent, humane, hardworking bloggers for spamming but seem to miss the real punks. This is definitely something to complain about for real. This is an account that needs to be suspended. For sure.

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  4. personally, I’d unfollow the site that’s constantly reblogging via bots or what ever other means, I’d probably go so far as to block the site, I reblog sometimes, but I do it because I want to give the original blogger exposure, and at times because the particular post really resonates with me and I want others to see it 🙂
    Like you I give a follow back when ever someone follows my blog, it is not only polite, but can give the other bloggers free exposure as well and drive more traffic their way.

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  5. I agree with you. I had started a blog about my cats. I chose a picture from the Internet for icon. One blogger started to use those picture to use discourse on her cat blog. I lost follow because now they felt my cats were not real. Then she would take my idea and expand it to make hers better. I gave up. Now I do a writing blog. She can’t top my thoughts! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, the follow, and encouragement.

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