Actual Real Science

Apollo 9 Spacewalk Glitch Led To Life-Altering Experience | Video

And maybe not quite so real, but with the age of information and techno-trickery, we may never know what is real.

UPDATED Moon Hologram – The Moon is Not What You Think

Proof For Moon Hologram – Energy Pulse & UFO Found In Clip

So what do you make of all this? If it were real, someone would let me know it’s a fake, and if it’s a fake, nobody will comment about it, to allow folks Freedom of belief. Are there any truths left in our age?

9 thoughts on “Actual Real Science

  1. What he’s claiming is too far-fetched and hence, the burden of proof is on him. His proofs are not that convincing though (at least to me. I’ve seen too much skulduggery involving the “magical” photoshop and the likes to buy this easily.

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