A I and the problems involved


photo-bbs.clutchfans.net  2001- A Space Odyssey

bbs.clutchfans.net 2001- A Space Odyssey

A I and the problems involved
Just what are your views on Artificial Intelligence? Do you think this A I is an idea worth pursuing? Are you worried about what an A I will be allowed to do? Scientists have already created many types of artificial intelligences, and are continuing to experiment and refine their knowledge of this subject.

Everyone worries about whether a Terminator, or a ” War Game ” scenario will come about due to this line of research. If an A I is created, and it truly has the ability to learn from its own mistakes, won’t it become as our worst nightmares suggest? What tasks will we be willing to assign to a machine, that has the ability to learn and grow? Will we really allow it to babysit our children or watch over our nation?

If a machine can learn, and actually comprehend, wouldn’t our civilization be at stake? Wouldn’t such a machine decide we are a primitive life form, and remove the possible threat we would pose to it? There are another thousand questions we might ask, but the real question is ” how far are we willing to go in this direction? ”

Bill Gates, Like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk, Worries About Artificial Intelligence Being a Threat
Microsoft founder and former CEO Bill Gates revealed his concerns over artificial intelligence in his most recent Reddit Ask Me Anything session.
The concerns of Gates are similar to the ones previously expressed by fellow great minds Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and Stephen Hawking, the famed theoretical physicist.

photo-horrornews.net  Terminator 3

horrornews.net Terminator 3

“I am in the camp that is concerned about super intelligence,” Gates wrote. While at first, the machines that possess artificial intelligence will be able to carry out a lot of jobs for people; these machines will not yet be super intelligent. Gates added that this would be a positive thing, but only if people are able to manage artificial intelligence well.

photo-j5-alive.tripod.com  Short Circuit

j5-alive.tripod.com Short Circuit

Earlier in January, Musk donated $10 million to the Future of Life Institute (FLI), a group that is dedicated towards the prevention of the potential risks of artificial intelligence.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – Official Trailer 2 [2003]

19 thoughts on “A I and the problems involved

  1. If machines in the future become sentient enough to act on their own, I highly doubt that we can stop them. Even now, we are too dependent on technology, from our daily lives to the most sophisticated systems heavily rely on technology. So, if these machines have the power to decide that enough is enough, then I’m quite sure that it would be a battle that we can’t win…

    Btw, have you changed your theme, because it seems that it’s not quite optimized for PC (but maybe it’s just me…)?

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  2. no nerves hit here lol, just my two cents nothing more, I’ve accepted the fact that my darn car is smarter than me, I don’t like it but it is what it is, I can’t stop technology from invading my home or life , but I still have control over what that technology does . I’m not paranoid, I just have no idea what exactly the full potential of my computer really is or what it can actually do, and I think most people don’t fully know either, I would guess much like our brains , most of us only use 20 to 30% of the computers full potential. as long as I have the power to disconnect from the internet , I don’t worry about a hostile computer take over lol

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  3. AI bothers me a great deal and scares the willies out of my 13 year old son, Terminator aside, if you seen the movie i Robot , it is more than likely along those lines at first AI would use to take control over people, the Terminator scenario might play out a bit later into the take over , depending on how much resistance humans fought back with.

    Think about it, we are already hurtling at great speed towards the dawn of AI , we are so wired and dependant on electronics now that if suddenly a solar flare knocked out all the electricity on the planet permanently, over half the human population would die , that is how reliant we have become on our computers and electronics, computers run the world markets and economy, they run entire homes and cities, even your fancy new fridge with the built in wifi computer has well over 100 times the computing power used when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, your cell phone is smarter and can do more than all the computers at NASA and onboard the rocket that took Neil to the moon combined at the time !

    meanwhile humanity is dumbing down while the computers and phones keep getting smarter, there has already been a HUGE power shift between humanity and computers, and the computers are winning…. the average grade 12 student/university student can not do simple math without using their cell phone or computer to find the answers, they are actually twice as stupid as my Grandpa who only got a grade 6 education and was pulled out of school to help support his family (common practice back then) they can’t retain information because they fail to read, they use Google instead, and they believe everything the computer tells them…. when AI becomes the norm, humanity is all but doomed, if we aren’t already, we soon shall be.

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    • Hey Shawn, thanks for the follow, and I’m sorry if I hit a nerve. I totally agree with what you’ve just stated. We are too dependent on our machines, and yes they are more powerful and probably smarter than much of humanity. I appreciate your commenting on this, and hope we can have many more conversations before the machines get us.

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