A letter to my Wife 4

Don’t you wish we all could have the kind of love that Butch is speaking of? I ask for everyone to remember who we are, and to give of our love, and lives freely. Tomorrow never comes, and yesterday is only in our hearts and minds. I grieve for those lost to me, and I truly know they live on, as long as I can remember.

more than just a country boi

My Darling, I dreamed of you last night, you were walking in a field, your long hair gently blowing in the breeze, you looked so happy and peaceful and perfect, I stood there at the edge of the field unable to move, not wanting to move, just watching you as you skipped and twirled and laughed, I wanted to call your name, I wanted to call out to you to say I am hear my Darling, I am here, but I had no voice, I watched you with the purest of love in my heart and tears in my eyes, I so desperately wanted to hold you in my arms just once more, just for a little while.

Today my heart aches for you, the memories of you cut my very soul, what should be happy memories that comfort only bring sorrow and heart ache, even on better days my…

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