The WordPress Mystery

The WordPress Mystery
To follow or un-follow, that is the question
Whether it is an action, done by you
Or do we suffer the slings and arrows of technological glitches?
I have been following the latest thread on WordPress support, regarding the issue of ” lost ” followers. WordPress does not cap how many followers we have. They also say we can only follow so many blogs, and if we try to follow more, ” we are speed liking, or speed following ” and that, to WordPress is the same as spamming.

Bottom line: Those who speed follow multiple blogs in short periods of time are affecting spammer like behavior and the software has stopped them from their spammer-like game playing. Those who think those who follow thousands of blogs actually read the content in all those blogs would have to be light in the head. That said if all one does is publish re-blogs and post individual images of cats and/or other stuff that lacks substance are micro-bloggers who will be welcomed at Tumblr. I say that the game playing has been halted – Alleluia!

There is no cap on the number of followers who can follow any blog.
The software will prevent spammer-like behavior such as following many blogs in a short period of time from accomplishing their game playing goals.
I constantly check my stats to see not only who is following me, but who I am currently following. I re-follow some of the blogs that have been cut from my list, only to have it happen again immediately. WordPress says they are looking into these things, but points out, ” this isn’t a platform for self promotion, it is a platform for fun “.

Like Butchcountry67, Aopinionatedman and others, I read over one hundred blogs daily, and WordPress says that’s impossible and we must be daft or light headed to do so. I am not blogging so I can make money, I am doing this to create friendship and a social network to further my goals. Those goals are to be more socially connected to the world.

I read quickly, and have pretty good comprehension, meaning I read fast and remember what I read. If WordPress is talking about following thousands of blogs, so they can be re-blogged I can understand the concerns, but not for a hundred or so. I am almost at my limit as far as how much reading I can do, and still keep up with my community.

1. How are you subscribing? (via the Reader, or the admin bar, or a follow button) 2. Do you do the same thing every time? 3. How do you discover that you’ve been unsubscribed? 4. Do you have the site or in general open in multiple tabs? 5. What type of device do you read on? And what type of device are you following on?

I personally hit the ” like ” button, to show I was there, and if I want to comment, I do so. When it asks ” do you want to follow this blog? “, if I do I click that text, and click the follow on the admin bar. When I get the subscribe notification, I go to the ” blogs I follow ” place in the reader and verify the follow.

I rarely have more than two tabs open in WordPress at any given time. I also renew the pages I do have opened so the material is fresh, and not static. I only use my old laptop for all of my computer related activities. I know others are having these same troubles, so if this is a problem for you, contact WordPress at: Our support options are found here
I wish everyone good luck figuring out what the mystery is.

14 thoughts on “The WordPress Mystery

  1. There are so many glitches on wp. For example, my auto notification does.’t work right now so I have to manually look for comments on my posts.

    And wp unfollowing blogs for us is very stupid.

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      • I’ve asked those asshats about the unfollowing fiasco and the notification problem. They said that my notification problem might be caused by “server downtime” and it would be back to normal later. Then they promptly ignored my second question and tagged the post close…

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      • I haven’t noticed that people are un-following me, so much as my being limited as to how many people I can follow. It’s as though they have decided a person can’t read more than a certain number of blogs.

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      • See what I mean? I don’t understand the game rules. I don’t think following a large number of people is spamming, as they put it. I don’t re-blog posts to encourage readers to my blog. I re-blog to help pass on what needs to be seen by others, so if others can help someone’s situation out, they can know about it.

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  2. I think support almost fell out of their chairs when i told them that on Sunday I sat down and read over 400 blogs, They seem to think than no one can read 100 blogs let alone 400 … implying that the reader has the attention span of a shovel , it is not my problem if a person can only read 1 or 2 blogs per day, I set Sundays aside to read every single one of my followers blogs, (it takes hours upon hours)

    if you notice I am no longer following you shoot me a message and I will re follow, wordpress has a glitch but of course won’t admit it .

    I also habitually follow anywhere between 3 and 25 new blogs per day, what is so wrong with that? I have a wide variety of interests, I am not a writer, yet I follow some writers because I like their stories,same with poetry, I’m no poet, heck I even follow a couple girly girl blogs ( where they talk about the scarey stuff like war paints (make up) and dresses etc. … why? because the people behind the blog are fun to talk with and are really nice folks…. this is more than a simple blog site for me, it’s a learning tool for me ( learn about cultures, different points of views, different ideas etc)

    it’s about forging new friendships and acquaintances for me, and wordpress doesn’t seem to grasp that. I’ve had to adjust how many blogs I reach out to and follow per day or get nailed as a spammer …. that sucks!

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    • I have mostly noticed wp, is canceling me on how many I follow. I don’t think they’re stopping anyone from following a blog, they are just deciding I cant follow all of my followers. I went to the forum and took some of their replies for that post. They have a problem and won’t admit it.


  3. I’m not positive what is going on, but I noticed someone unfollowed me and re-followed today. Maybe it was crappy content on my part for a while, but I suspect otherwise. I am also nearing the upper limit of blogs (on some days, some days it is dead) & it kind of upsets me that WP seems to believe that we do not have the ability to speed-read. I don’t follow everyone who follows me (I think), but pretty close because typically if they follow me then we have at least some interest or discussion skills in common. Sorry for the novel in your comments, but I’m really finding this concerning.

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