Lies, And Cover-ups – An American Business Policy

This is a comment I found on a blog out there. It may affect any of us, were we in a profession that requires drug and substance testing. A friend of mine, Michael Langan is a doctor of medicine. As laws are in effect that mandatory licit and illicit substance testing is required, my friend has been framed.

The lab where this testing is done made some mistakes, and to cover up their blunders, have falsified documents. This wasn’t done to Michael to hurt him. It was done to cover their butts, and save the company name.

The lab is just another big business, whose sole purpose is to make money, and if their results were to show inattentive and sloppy work, it may invalidate all of the tests run by said lab. The lab can’t have that, so Michael is supposed to allow an injustice done to him.

Michael has been dealing with this issue since July of 2011, and if these issues aren’t corrected, he will lose his license to practice. As things stand, the lab in question has its integrity and accountability at risk, and we all know business can do no wrong. Please read these statements, and follow the links to judge for yourselves, what this story is about.

There is a petition on one of these links that would help justice be served. Sign the petition and share it on Facebook, twitter, G+, and every other platform you can. Thank you! Some of the legalese is a pain, but this needs your attention. What if this were you?
michael, this link is broken
Michael Lawrence Langan, M.D.
March 26, 2015 at 12:09 AM
Thanks, I need all the help I can get. This also impacts nurses. Many states now cover everything from acupuncturists to veterinarians but the ultimate goal is to replace DOT and other EAPs.

The medical profession is just a wedge as PHPs are transitioning from “physician health programs” to “professionals health programs.” They have already entered the airline industry (and they are putting up a lot more resistance than the medical profession ever did) State Medical Societies and the AMA are unfortunately complicit with the “feel-good” fallacies they offer. All they would have to do is look at the evidence base to see it is all trumped-up propaganda and these programs are neither protecting the public nor saving anyone (or any money for that matter).

Below are comments from

“Physician Suicide and Physician Health Programs: The Elephant in the Room ( )

Any and all nurses involved in IPN or ANY monitoring program needs to read up on this. Everything that the physicians are doing, nurses follow in kind. The next layer to come down the pike will be LIFETIME contracts. WAKE UP PEOPLE”

“IPN PRN all these monitoring agencies in all states are corrupt. How many nurses on this forum have gotten screwed. There is NO ONE to appeal. When IPN makes a mistake and believe me THEY DO. who receives the fallout? YES there should be oversite. They can decide anything they want. They can mandate that ice pick lobotomy is the new” treatment” requirement. That is NOT that far out. They performed the procedure in the office in 1967!!!. it takes numbers people to stop this. Call or write the state auditor. Complain about IPN abuse of power and conflict of interests. There needs to be an investigation. It has to stop.”

Below is what they ultimately have planned:

24 thoughts on “Lies, And Cover-ups – An American Business Policy

  1. The medical boards and the nursing boards are out of control . NO oversight at all into the details just smear campaign , forced mental treatment is is rediculous !! Keep fighting we are behind you !!


  2. I am not a doctor, but a patient who has observed massive coverups in medical related fields. This story is totally believable. I realize I don’t know the whole story, but I hope Dr. Langan’s patients come forward. I hope if enough people make noise, Dr. Langan won’t lose his license. We all know there are doctors who shouldn’t be practicing medicine out there. I knew one who stank of booze while seeing patients, and everyone knew but no one did anything. The nurses were scared to report him, and patients had no voice in the matter, either. I also know a doctor who was also certainly framed, although he wasn’t my doctor.

    We need REAL doctor review sites, not ones where any negative review is taken down (I hear doctors pay for this). That would make any positive review more meaningful. The site would be more credible. Careful readers know that an opinion is just that, but know how to read into these reviews to make a responsible choice.

    There’s too much emphasis on “reputation” and not enough on being a good doctor. I believe doctors are subject to scare tactics and threats regarding “reputation” and that makes it difficult to practice without incredible stress.

    Honest business practices mean you do good service, which brings in more revenue and more trust within the community. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in USA. Between large medical corporations, the legal system, insurance companies, Big Pharma and its cronies, and the media, we end up duped.

    For this reason, I completely believe that framing is regularly done and is commonplace. This isn’t something trivial. We’re talking about a human being.

    Michael, do you know the source of all this? It took me years to sort out the truth about my own situation and reasons for the coverup and deception, most of which occurred in Boston. I will be speaking out in an international setting on this on May 16. Keep speaking out and eventually more and more people will realize you are telling the truth.

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    • Hi Julie, Yes I have figured out the whole system, who developed it, how and why. It is hard to wrap one’s head around and have been trying to present it piecemeal on my blog in the hopes that others will connect the dots. Once seen it cannot be unseen, Essentially corporate and ideological “front-groups” have subverted a system with altruistic intentions that was unprotected (unlike other EAPs doctors do not have any union or group protecting their interests-imaging introducing junk science into Federally mandated drug testing such as the DOT or Nuclear Regulatory Commission–it just wouldn’t happen). This group is well funded by the drug and alcohol treatment, assessment and testing industry (both multi-billion dollar revenues). The PHPs use a lot of tactics and strategies to remove accountability and I am trying to use the “backfire” model to expose this. The problem is they have “point people” who block information from going up the “official” channels. I voluntarily signed up for the MA PHP after getting “chicken pox.” during my training. I was prescribed a medication that I wanted to stop and read they helped with that (my own PCP told me just to keep taking it as I was only taking it at night). I have never been an “impaired” doctor, never had a malpractice suit (or even been threatened with one) in 17 years at Harvard Medical School and 14 at MGH. Even the “PHP-approved” assessment center reported my work performance as “impeccable.” But in 2008 I angered the director of operations at PHS, Linda Bresnahan by 1. telling her that AA and 12-step did not apply to me (it doesn’t and it does not apply to most of those ensnared by these programs). I am not anti-AA but against coerced AA. These programs misuse AA for their purposes (in both PHPS and the criminal justice drug courts which they are a big part of). Both those inside and outside should be opposed to this.

      MGH tried to remove me from them. They confronted PHS with the falsified test. (My Chief, his Chief, the Chief of addiction medicine and hospital attorneys. PHS just laughed at them and asked one of the Chief’s how much he drank (a not so thinly veiled threat).

      But I am one of the few people who has gathered the evidence. It is undeniable, it is indefensible and it is unconscionable. It is this same system that is killing doctors across the country. No one listens to them. They end up hopeless, helpless and defeated and many of them are killing themselves. And for that reason the evidence MUST BE USED to expose these people for who and what they are. And I need more allies in that mission. Thankfully, some gains are being made due to people like you guys–Michael

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      • Thanks for the kudos Michael, This still will be ongoing with many future posts to spread the word, and further this very important cause. Julie just gave me permission to use some of her information, so maybe if we can get people to pay attention, maybe we can do some good with the injustices that are being dealt out, by Big Business.

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      • Thanks Rusty-I hope we can. If that happens this will have been well worth it. They want to launch this on everyone including kids. Can you imagine that? Destroying futures and labelling normative adolescence as lifelong pathology; barring them from future potential. . The motto at my kids school is “the hard right against the easy wrong” and I want to endorse that for them.

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      • Michael, we might as well have this conversation here in public but if you want to discuss privately, my email addy is I am incredibly happy that we are connecting. MGH is sinister! Absolutely criminal. It’s been hard to get anyone to believe me, but some do. MGH did all kinds of terrible things that I was witness to. I went to the Wang 8 clinic for years and saw it myself. I am able to forgive my doctor’s actions now that I hear that the problem was so much greater. It wasn’t okay for her to abuse me, but the larger problem wasn’t her, it was the hospital that abused her. I don’t for one minute see her as “evil” but caught up in the riff-raff. I also saw that she was very good at first, but the care crumbled as the hospital’s demands on doctors got ridiculous. I think it was around 2002 (give or take) or so that they demanded she take notes on computer during our sessions. I believe since she was involved in shady drug studies, that much of her note-taking was biased. Her records became more slipshod as the years went by. She had over well over 100 patients.

        When I ended up inpatient (low weight, malnutrition, severe dehydration, bradycardia, and kidney issues they never revealed) I was abused there both on the medical floor and then on Blake 11. After that they tried to put me in a state hospital to shut me up. A whole bunch of illegal stuff had happened and I refused to shut up.

        The hospital was furious. I was illegally denied care. I blogged about that, and then the hospital attempted, though her, to forcibly drug me to shut me up. I refused. Then, when I ended up in Mount Auburn, it’s clear from my records that she or someone had seen to it to tell the Mount Auburn guy in charge of my case to ensure I was abused further. I was in kidney failure. The idea was to transfer me to a psych ward and then court order me onto injected Zyprexa to render me completely incapable of blogging. Or just lock me up in State to get rid of me.

        Everyone who is aware tells me I’m extremely lucky that I fled the USA just in time. I am very much an activist these days, alive, free, and gaining strength and good health. Please be careful.

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  3. being from the UK, where some of us are really concerned about the gradual privatisation of our national health service (NHS), which was set up to provide free medical services and where all doctors are employed the the state – I can never understand the callousness of the US system.

    We are used to getting seen when we need it – or not as the case may be, and no one stops you to fill in a form to prove you have insurance – we all have National Insurance – which we pay for out of our pay checks – or not, if you are not employed.

    It doesn’t matter which it is, you get exactly the same standard of care.

    Nor would a situation like this happen – well a similar one might, because the test labs have now been privatised by David Cameron, but we still pay them, so they come under our regulations – not theirs.

    The may not be immediately found out, but the culture is so different here – the doctor might be suspended, but the investigation would be thorough and if the lab were found cheating, they’s lose their contract.

    Similar situation, but not the same – because we don’t let the labs rip us off and them award them more money for cheating.

    I hope your friend wins out in the end.

    The morals of the lab are disgusting – if they had just admitted their mistake immediately, no real harm would have come to either party.

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      • absolutely fine – I just hate the way the US treats illness, as a commodity that has to be paid for – the NHS grew out of fairness for an impoverished post war nation, and has worked fine until the Conservative Party started trying to copy you in the States. Well it will always have its problems, but it is a point of principle with the founders of the NHS, that it should be for the good of the people, and money just doesn’t come into it. If you are ill, you should get help, and not lose your house to pay for it!

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      • Just as I have always said. No one wants to hire sick people, and there is no excuse for the problems with health care. Here they claim it costs X much for a scan, and then triple charge people for the privilege to get any kind of help. Here doctors don’t get into medicine, because they like helping people. They do it for the money!


      • Well not all of them, but that is the attitude I also hate – and am glad I don’t have to live in the States, as if I became ill, I would be scared too, which would make you even more ill!

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