Best Free Blogging Platforms

Got ya! There are ten free blogging platforms, or were. Square Space is now charging money for that service. The truth is, there is only one free blogging platform, that has all of the tools, service, and people willing to read your blog.

Figured out which one that might be? Tumblr is free. There is quite a community there. Lots of people share their posts, and there are a lot of blogs to check out there, but….

I don’t really care for the format, layout, themes, and I have yet to experience what kind of service they have to offer. I started a blog there to see if there was any more traffic on that platform. The sad truth is, you have to go to all of the other blogs to get people to check you out.

Gee, that’s no different than here at WordPress. Blogger has a system very similar to here. In the old days you could get plugins to help with various functions. SEO, Scheduled posts and the likes. I don’t know how they are working it now. All of my information I need to get into my blogger acct. is buried in another computer, a thousand miles from here.

I had a list of the top ten free blogging platforms, until half an hour ago but I had a problem, and it all went away! I had to go find it again, and the list is actually 15 best free blogging sites. I looked at them, and I am not impressed. The best platform out there is right here at WordPress!

Surprised? OM ( A OPINIONATED MAN ) went to Tumblr, and I’m hoping he will reveal what he thinks of the tumblr system. I didn’t like it, so I asked our super star blogger that question: It isn’t bad, but it isn’t really “interactive.” There also isn’t much “reach” because you have an immediate cap on who you can and can’t follow. WordPress, for as much as I gripe, is still the best….

Here are those blogging platforms, and their not all free. Quora is a pain in the ass, just to see what they have to offer. I wasn’t impressed with any of them, except WordPress, and Blogger. You don’t have to take my word for it though, so I placed the links here for you to follow. Good luck with your searches.
Facebook Notes
Squarespace FREE


Typepad NOT FREE
LinkedIn Influencers


32 thoughts on “Best Free Blogging Platforms

  1. I first started blogging on Xanga in 2003 and they had millions of bloggers there at the time. It was great! I got to know tons of people. They had “blog rings” where you could meet people with similar interests. It’s where I met my wife. I shared my thoughts and feelings every day there. I have yet to find another place like it. Unfortunately, they started letting it go downhill a few years ago — I don’t know why — and people started leaving in droves, myself included. I came to WordPress. I like WordPress, but there’s not the same sense of community you had on Xanga. Xanga had both free and premium (paid) versions — I had both at various points. They even beat Twitter to the punch, by putting up a 140 character field where people could post micro-blogs, but it never really caught on because I don’t think people knew what to do with it. I rarely used it. Well, enough. I’m used to WordPress and I like it well enough. I just miss Xanga sometimes.

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  2. I started with WP in 2009 and have never looked back. I am here to stay as long as WP is around. I am hybrid in that I have self-hosted and non-selfhosted blogs but it is all WP. I really like the clear format and the Reader that connects me instantly with other bloggers.

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  3. I am on Blogger but use WP to mirror it as a lot of my followers are on WP,But I find Blogger easier to use on a PC than WP,but the cellphone app for WP is better than the blogger one,so I got rid of the Blogger app.each have their good point and each have their bad points,xx Speedy

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  4. I keep a mirror site over at Blogger, I was there before migrating over to here, for all the griping I do about the glitches in the WP programming, it is by far the best blog site out there (in my opinion) , I’ve been on Blogger since 2010 and in that time only acquired 13 followers lol, it’s really hard to connect to other Bloggers over there, here… the community is much better and enjoyable.

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  5. I started blogging in December 2014 and knew NOTHING about it. By chance I came upon wordpress (my 15 yr old daughter told me tumbler was for young people who were not interested in what old people had to say lol) and am very happy with it…..I guess I got lucky!

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  6. My first blog was on Blogger, but sometimes my posts didn’t look the way I thought they should look once published. I couldn’t figure out how to control what the final version looked like. A work associate of mine recommended TypePad, which, as you said, is not free — I was paying $49 a year. And while I had control over the formatting and appearance of my posts, there’s not much of a community there. Very few followers and comments were rare. And then I moved to WordPress and have been here since July 2013. WordPress is not perfect, but it’s the best that I’ve found. So I’m sticking with it.

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  7. Google hadn’t updated Blogger for years, I think. It’s definitely not one of their priorities. There’s a chance that Google might just discontinue it in the future just like what they did to their other services like Google Reader. And you are right, WordPress is the best blogging platform today.

    Though I missed Geocites though, since I used that platform to troll people with my “conspiracy” articles and other BS back then 🙂

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      • Not really. It has been more than a decade ago when I blogged at Geocities and it’s not serious anyway. During those time, I always see on the internet many “conspiracies” that involve numbers so I decided to write some articles that parodies those silly theories. It’s actually quite fun, since it went viral without the help of Facebook and Twitter. Though it’s quite funny that almost no one figured out that I was only writing satires 🙂

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      • Actually, I’m planning to post some of my “lost articles” (they were really lost now 🙂 ) on WP. The problem is to be able to remember all my previous articles.

        But that’s also good because I can rewrite them in a more “normal” fashion. Since my previous articles were satires, they contained some absurd phrases like “This is not a coincidence, Wake Up People!”…

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  8. I was on Tumblr but only reblogged stuff I liked. It was very good for that reason, because people had some really cool stuff. I like the warm atmosphere over there, but you’re not really challenged to produce anything, which is what I like about it.

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