Another Story About Plastics?

I am sorry to keep plaguing you all with more of the same ole posts. When it turns out no matter what products we use or buy, it seems to be a choice about not really having much choice. We are at the mercy of the manufacturers, and don’t have any say as to how products are made, packaged or sold. Someday we may be able to uninvent some of the things that have both, improved and hurt our lives and environment.

One thought on “Another Story About Plastics?

  1. Thank you for posting this important info! The only question for me is how can we, or can we ever, replace all plastic, (or other toxins to which we are forcibly exposed) with something else. Well the main thing I guess would even be to get a significant reduction in plastic (and other toxins in our environment). This plastic problem (along with pollution etc.) is certainly one explanation for why cancer has become more common.


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