Back To The Good Old Days – Woodstock

I am getting so homesick. With wishing I was home, I figured I would like to go back home, all of the way. Back to the summer of 1969, when my only worries were what did I want to do today. Those were the good old days for me. I got my drivers license and was a free bird….

So, most of you know about my biggest regret. I didn’t go to Woodstock, because I might be crowded. And boy was it ever! And I didn’t like crowds any more…Protests, and peace marches with 500,000 other like minded, and stoned people…
So here is a taste of the biggest Rock Concert in America. BTW On the videos that look the same, just hit the playlist in the upper left hand corner, and scroll down to your favorites…..

With A Little Help Of My Friends Joe Cocker

Jimi Hendrix Star Spangled Banner Woodstock 1969

Bobby McGee ~ Janis Joplin ~ Woodstock ’69

“Going up the Country” – Canned Heat / WOODSTOCK ’69

Woodstock – 16/08/1969 – Janis Joplin

Johnny Winter – Woodstock 1969.mp4

The Band – “Tears Of Rage”, Woodstock 1969

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – Woodstock 1969: Marrakesh express, 4 +20

Paul Butterfield everything gonna be alright Woodstock

Santana – Soul Sacrifice 1969 “Woodstock” Live Video HQ

Country Joe’s Anti Vietnam War Song Woodstock

Woodstock – Ten Years After – I’m Going Home(Live)





photo-liebster award

Thank You For The Cool Trophy, Really!

Well looky here, I have been nominated for the prestigious, much coveted and fought over, LIEBSTER AWARD! I truly have to give my thanks and appreciation to Shruti of Shruti Insights, for offering me this unexpected and awkwardly wonderful opportunity. She has offered me a chance to experience a shot at the Golden Ring, the Kewpie Doll, the Final frontier of Fame and Glory in the ” Blogosphere “. I certainly would never have attempted, or volunteered for Honors such as these, on my own, so again Thank you for the inspiration, and privilege, only using my fear of shotguns or Wrathful, and thoroughly disappointed Friends, to make a man of me, and Accept this One Giant Leap For Mankind Test. Shruti, you’re the best!
So there are rules to all of this. Apparently in order to be a big shot around these parts, I have to play by THESE RULES.
Put the Liebster Award logo on your blog.
Thank and tag the blog who nominated you.
Answer their questions and come up with 10 new ones for you nominees.
Nominate 8 blogs with less than 200 followers, let them know you’ve nominated them and link them in your post.
No tag-back.


So Shruti, with much pounding of heart, I will under take this feat, and I Thank You sincerely for your having Faith and Belief in my abilities!

These are the Ten questions I get to answer!
1.Among your blog posts, which one is your favourite?
Well thank you for asking! My favorite post was a story I wrote a couple of years ago, called ” The Waiting Game”, and It was basically a true story about circumstances I had no control over. I only embellished it a tad.

2.At what time of the day do you usually write a blog post?
That is tricky because I post whenever I am either inspired by an idea, or feel like I’m not delivering enough, or not giving people what they want.

3.What is your favourite word in your native language?
Wow, I wish you hadn’t asked me that. I don’t believe I have a singular favorite word. My favorite phrase is ” Papa, I love you! ”


4.What do you like to eat in the morning?
That is an easy one, as I don’t eat in the early day. Usually I start getting hungry about 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and I’m a guy so it really doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it can be wolfed down easily.


5.Choose one: tea, coffee, milk, hot chocolate. Why do you choose it?
Coffee with cream and sugar. But again, I drink freshly ground dark French Roast. Oh I’m sorry, you asked why? I grew up with good coffee in the S.F. bay area, and I’ve learned coffee really is the cheapest beverage, aside from water, and I don’t like water as fish do things in it.


6.Do you have a close friend? Is there one thing that you can only do with that friend?
I am married to my bestest, closest friend, and the thing we do together, I am not allowed to publicly speak about!


7.What is your favourite book and why do you like it?
That’s a hard one, but I can safely say my nearly favorite book, if I can only name one is BattleField Earth, by L. Ron Hubbard. I like that it’s long and involved, even though some of it is rather childish, I enjoy humanity taking back their home, and making a difference out in the cosmos.


8.What do you really want to learn but you haven’t got the time to do it?
Everything! I want my education to always continue. Right now I want to learn how to make my site work for me. The part about not enough time, unfortunately takes presidence over everything.


9.What do you miss from your childhood?
I miss my mommy! She died when I was 9, and I had to grow up because of that.


10.Where will you go if you just feel bored at home?
I am not at home at present. In December, I had to come down here to Reno Nevada to help take care of my family. I don’t get bored at home, as I live on 20 acres, in the mountains, and if the trailer feels cramped I just go outside.


Now it’s time to make my own nominations for the LIEBSTER AWARD, so I hope I don’t lose any friends over this!
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And now, finally I get to ask my nominees their most dreaded and difficult to answer, questions.

1) Now that you are here in the magical realm of the blogosphere, what do you want?

2) What is your inner animal?

3) On your blog, are you public, or private, in regard to your personal self?

4) Are you happy in your present place in this life?

5) If I could give you one wish, what would that be?

6) What would be your ideal job?

7) Do you have a favorite kind of pet?

8) Are you able to discuss, religion, politics, or feelings openly, with strangers?

9) Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently, and of course, why?

10) How many fingers am I holding up?

I told you these would be formidable questions, even though I didn’t word it that way. I didn’t want to scare you away. And in advance, Thank You for playing, now take your dang football and go home!

“Sweet Home Chicago”

The blues! 12 bar sloppy blues, now that’s my style. One of these is pretty long but you can listen while you scan the other articles. Hope y’all enjoy!

Bonnie Raitt, Tracy Chapman, Jeff Beck and Beth Hart – “Sweet Home Chicago” (2012)

Stevie Ray Vaughan – Best Guitar Player – Sound Check – What?!

They Did What In Public?

Here are some more pieces of history for February 19. This time it’s music!
1974 – KISS made their TV debut on “Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert.”
KISS – Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert (FULL-1977)


1980 – Bon Scott, the lead singer of heavy metal band AC/DC, died in London at the age of 33. He died as a result of choking on his own vomit after drinking heavily.

AC/DC (Paris 1979) [02]. Live Wire

1981 – George Harrison was ordered to pay ABKCO Music the sum of $587,000 for “subconscious plagiarism” between his song, “My Sweet Lord” and the Chiffons “He’s So Fine.”

George Harrison-My Sweet Lord (Studio Version) Original

1985 – Mick Jagger released “She’s The Boss”. It was his first solo album.

Mick Jagger – Just Another Night – (She’s the Boss, February 19, 1985)

I hope this brings back a memory or two.