Stop Making Our Families Sick!

Hey y’all, sorry to wax radical this morning, but I got this email in my box, and felt something should be done about things we just ignore and put up with.;jsessionid=6176FBAAB9DE628072D3282A01E1E41B.app207a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=12153&autologin=true&s_src=413ZSRNW01
Tell the Obama Administration to protect families from mountaintop-removal coal mining today!
SierraRise — Why stand apart, when we can rise together?
More profit for Big Coal?

Or less cancer and more mountains for future generations?

Take action today!
Send a message to the Obama administration today: No more mountaintop-removal mining!

Take action today!
Dear rusty,

My name is Donna Branham and I live in Mingo County, West Virginia — smack dab in the middle of coal-mining country.

A few years ago, Island Creek Coal Company opened a mountaintop-removal coal mine two miles from the house where I grew up, and where my Mom and Dad still lived. Because of the danger, my parents had to leave their home so that they could have a reasonable life. My mom never felt at home again.

After that, I knew I had to act. The coal companies are putting a burden on us, and it isn’t fair. I’ve got grandchildren, and I want them to live in a better world. That’s why I’m calling on the Obama Administration to put our health first, and why I’m asking you to take action too. I’m a registered nurse and I’ve seen firsthand how mining hurts the health of my community. I’ve seen how it is making my community sick — and year after year, it’s only getting worse.

I’m tired of seeing families get sick just so Big Coal can increase its profits. Please send your message to the Obama Administration before it’s too late: Put our health first — no more mountaintop-removal coal mines!

Mountaintop-removal coal mining blows off the tops of mountains to extract the coal that fuels our nation’s power plants. It has already leveled 500 mountains and buried over 1,200 miles of streams — but it gets worse. It raises my community’s risk of birth defects, cancer, and heart disease.[1]

Right now, dozens of permits are pending for new mines and the Obama Administration could approve them any day. If they get approved, it will mean more people get sick and more mountains get destroyed — but I don’t want any more families to suffer the effects of Big Coal’s pollution.

Send a message to the White House today, and let them know that families like mine need them to stand up and say no to any more mountaintop-removal coal mines. Our health depends on it.

There have been many times where folks like us worked together to make change happen. If it weren’t for mothers demanding a right to vote, women would still not be allowed at the polls. It takes people like you and me who get fed up enough to take action to make a change.

SierraRise is just the community to make that change, working together online for progress and a healthier planet. This community will reach new audiences and build a bigger and more powerful movement than ever before. That means sharing heartfelt stories and inspiring pictures with our friends and family and flooding the in boxes of public officials and corporations with powerful personal messages — thank you for being part of this.

If we stand together, we can create a better life for our children and grandchildren. Tell the Obama Administration to protect families from mountaintop-removal coal mining today!

Thanks for all you do to protect our environment!


Donna Branham
Sierra Club Volunteer
Mingo County, WV

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1. Cheves, John (2011 June 23). “Study notes spike in birth defects near mountaintop mining.” Lexington Herald Ledger.

Sierra Club | 85 2nd St San Francisco, CA 94105 |

This email was sent to

I urge the Obama administration to take action to stop the most destructive form of energy extraction in America — mountaintop removal coal mining.

Recent, peer-reviewed science shows that mountaintop removal coal mining does more than destroy Appalachian mountains and streams; it increases risk of serious diseases such as birth defects, cancer, and cardiovascular disease mortality.

It’s time to end mountaintop removal coal mining!

There are so many issues that need to be addressed in this Great land of ours. We can’t allow big business keep making life difficult or impossible, for profits. I realize our country needs fuels to power our nation, but we also need future generations, to carry our nation into the future.
Please hear the pleas of the people and help us all to live a healthy and productive life.
Thank you for taking the time to hear the thoughts of our citizens.

Truly, Rusty Garner-Smith;jsessionid=6176FBAAB9DE628072D3282A01E1E41B.app207a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=12153&autologin=true&s_src=413ZSRNW01

How To Create A Successful Blog

By Betcher Yawning Alltheway
On the first part of this series, Create A successful Blog, we will explore all of the designs, styles, types, categories, features and functions of blogging. This course isn’t intended to make you a successful blogger, or to change the way you blog. It is merely to enlighten you as to how famous and rich you will become.

Here at Borin Again Reads we have an investment in professionally manicured, and totally scripted blog practices. If this course study is too difficult for you to understand, you may opt to visit our less comprehensive and not free, “beginners Blogging For Dummies” course, just past the latrines.

Todays lessons will include Posts from some of the least respected blogs, and keep in mind, there will be a test.

In order to create a successful blog, you have to remember all of these rules:( we will go into the listed points thoroughly, so as to stomp it into your brain.)

Get a blog started ( If you want I have a self-starter blog, only $399.99

Write stuff on it (This is only if you feel like it, You can always do this later)

Make sure it’s really turned on (the website dummy)

Look at the words you posted ( I mean study them, are they words?)

Ask someone older than 9 years old to check your spelling (94-year-old Nana, is out)

Use a keyboard (crayons are a no-no)

Pretend you’re an expert (everyone is stupid, so they won’t know any better)

Post provocative posts ( something to catch the attention of those you are posting for)

Make bold statements (folks are gullible, so lead them on)

State the obvious ( only don’t be obvious about it)

Offer your followers and likers substance (cookies and chocolate milk works)

Content ( If you are not content, you are not happy)


This is enough for today as you probably are busy having aneurysms and such from trying to pay attention. tomorrow we will go over the same stuff, and probably the day after that too, also, as well.

Book Of Gomer Parable

Book Of Gomer Parable ( It wasn’t raining when Noah built The Ark )

These are the generations of Gomer, son of Homer, son of Omer.

And in the days of Gomer, Noah,the Prophet, went unto the people saying, “Prepare ye for the flood which is to come, yea, build yourselves a boat, that ye may not perish.”

Now, Gomer was a member of the Church, and taught Sunday School and played, yea, even on the ward softball team
And Gomer’s wife said unto him, “Come, let us build unto ourselves a boat as the Prophet commandeth, that we may not perish in the flood.”

But behold, Gomer saith unto his wife, “Worry not, dear wife, for if the flood comes the government will provide boats for us.”

And Gomer did not build a boat. And Gomer’s wife went unto Noah and she returned saying,

“Behold, Honey, the Prophet saith unto us, “Build a boat, that we may preserve ourselves, for the government pays men not to grow trees, wherefore the government hath not the lumber to build for you a boat.”

And Gomer answered saying, “Fear not, oh wife, for am I not the star pitcher on the ward softball team? Wherefore, the Church will provide for us a boat, that we will perish not.”
And Gomer’s wife went again unto Noah, and she returned unto Gomer, saying, “Behold, mine husband, the Prophet saith that the Church hath not enough lumber to build a boat for everyone, wherefore, mine husband, build for us a boat that we might not perish in the flood.”

And Gomer answered her saying, “Behold, if we build a boat, when the flood cometh, will not our neighbors overpower us and take from us our boat; wherefore, what doth it profit a man to build a boat?”

And Gomer’s wife went again unto Noah and she returned, saying, “Behold, the Prophet saith, build unto yourselves a boat, and have faith, for if ye do the Lord’s bidding, He will preserve your boat for you.”

But Gomer answered his wife, saying, “Behold, with this inflation, the price of wood has gone sky high, and if we wait awhile, perhaps the price will go down again. And then I will build for us a boat.”

And Gomer’s wife went again unto Noah, and she returned saying, “Thus saith the Prophet, build for yourselves a boat RIGHT NOW, for the price of wood will not go down, but will continue to go up. Wherefore, oh husband, build for ourselves a boat, that we may perish not.”

But Gomer answered his wife, saying, “Behold, for 120 years Noah hath told us to build a boat, to preserve us from the flood, but hath the flood come? Yea, I say, nay.
Wherefore, perhaps the flood will not come for another hundred and twenty years.
And Gomer’s wife went again unto Noah and returned saying, “The Prophet saith, he knows it has been 120 years, but nevertheless, the flood will come, wherefore, build unto yourselves a boat.”

And Gomer answered her saying, “Wherewith shall we get the money to build ourselves a boat, for are we not now making monthly payments on our snazzy new four horsepower chariot? Wherefore, when our payments end, perhaps we shall build ourselves a boat.”

And Gomer’s wife went again unto Noah and returned saying, “Behold, the Prophet saith that we should cut down on our recreation, and our vacations, and even give each other lumber for Christmas, that we might thereby get enough lumber to build a boat.”

But Gomer saith unto her, “What a drag! Are we to cease enjoying life, just because we must build a boat?” Wherefore, Gomer built not a boat.

But behold, one afternoon Gomer heard thunder in the sky, and he feared exceedingly and he ran, yea, even to the lumber yard to buy lumber.
But behold, the lumber store was crowded with great multitudes, all seeking to buy lumber, and there was not enough lumber to be found for the multitudes.
And on the same day were all the fountains of the deep opened, and the windows of heaven were broken up, and the floods came — and behold, Gomer had no boat. And as the water rose above Gomer’s waist, his wife saith unto him,

“Behold, Honey, I told thee so!”

— Author Unknown

Blog Etiquette?

I know I’ve posted nice little tidbits of how you should do this or that. The point is mostly those posts are for me. I should do this or that. And…It’s obvious to everyone I haven’t managed to follow my own advice.

“You still have much to learn young Grasshopper”. I don’t know all or even most of the rules for being proper with this blog. I know it’s proper and polite to give credit where it is due. I place links to posts to give credit to where the article came from, so that is good.

I need to be more consistent with photo credits, and actually find out whose picture I am using. My site doesn’t seem professional, probably because I get lazy or in a hurry. I see all kinds of beautiful blogs, all professional and extremely inviting. I almost think I have to take my boots off before I can enter.

I am taking notes and it’s time I found out the rules. Is there a Roberts Rule Of Blogging? May I borrow it for a couple of days? Does anyone really know the rules, or is it about being polite and honest. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors post.

Somebody please, give me the Politically Correct Unabridged Edition Of Blog Etiquette, so I won’t look like a total hillbilly. I did crawl out of the woods recently, and have been hiding under a rock, but I don’t want to offend anyone by making a blog-blunder. Look I just gave you an idea for a post!

To blog or not to blog, that wasn’t the question.
Whether it is nobler to suffer the ridicule of poor manners….

Gifts And Talents

Everyone is born with something special. Those ” something specials ” are a multitude of gifts and talents. Many don’t recognize them for what they are, either because they’re not developed fully or just not thought of as a gift or talent. Those special somethings are what defines a person, and helps to shape who they are or will become.

When I was young I didn’t know about these things. It was odd to me knowing things I had never read about. Someone might ask me, “Did you know about this?” and yes I did, even though I had never heard of it, or thought about it. I always thought of these things as tricks, like a magician, or mind reader.

I was born with a bunch of these special tricks. The bad part for me was, I never figured out a way to use these talents to make a living. I never even considered them to be gifts or talents, just me, and I knew I wasn’t anyone special. I grew up knowing my abilities were not worth a spit, let alone mentioning.

I know the time! Not just what time it is right now, but how much time has passed between things, like I have a set of clocks in my head. Real time, elapsed time, future time. It could only be an asset for someone who really needs to know things in a timely way.

I know when someone or something encroaches my space. I don’t have to see or hear to know. I always know when to look out to the road a 1/2 mile distant. I will see who is coming before the dogs are aware of it. I always see the wild animals out there. I just know when and where to look.

I see all of the things people seem to miss. Other people say I think sideways, or outside of the box. I don’t know that I do think that way, I just wonder why others don’t see an answer that seems so obvious to me.

I can read between the lines. This is good sometimes, as I can understand things without having to look it up. But it’s bad sometimes too, because I know when it’s time to leave. I know things, some of which I would rather not know. The best part of that little trick is I can make myself scarce, keep my mouth shut, and not give away any clues that I know.

I am a tool user and understand many of the laws of the universe. My brain calculates constantly, how far, how much, how many, what will happen if? I don’t even have to consciously think about problems. In the background my mind tells me what I need to know, or do.

When someone’s phone rings, I know who it is or what the call is about. I just ken the universe. I like to be by myself, so I don’t have to know what everyone else is up to. The little guy in my head keeps me amused, so I don’t miss noise or rather, I don’t need radio’s or t.v.’s. running in the background.

So what kind of freak am I? The real question is why aren’t you all freaks like me? Let me know what kind of freak you are, maybe I could write about it too.

Cyber Appreciation Day


photo - appreciation

I truly appreciate you

2015-02-10_083649 appreciation 2


Been There, Wish I Could Do That.
I have been checking out a lot of the other blogs out there. When someone likes what I posted, I go to their place and make sure I don’t make a mess, and poke around and peruse….
I thank you followers and liker’s for making me feel like I’m not just a waste of digital presence. I only arrived here in your sight about a month ago, and am truly a fish outta the water.
I don’t know how to do much yet, but I will learn. My biggest bad habit is my stubborn way with not quitting. No mountain can impede my progress, and now I think I have digital friends to share my “everything” with.
Over the years I’ve tried to continue to believe people are inherently good, although I don’t see it in real life, very much. I am beginning to see it here on the blog. I didn’t go to Woodstock. I was already shying away from the crowds when that was happening.
I am reclusive, yet here on the net I am alone and yet finding Friends. I still don’t have the interactions I had hoped would transpire, but I’ve only been here a month.
Thank You for being willing to let me be this much more social with you. I do appreciate all of you, and hope to be a part of this neighborhood for a long time.

Spy Watch : Is Your Computer Protected?



photo - webpage

WTF my view online

I am running another scan on my “old, outdated, nearly obsolete computer. I haven’t been downloading much since the big adware thing hit me. I’m not sure that anyone is safe out there. Which security systems should you use?

I am told over and over, by marketers and the likes, ” don’t use free anti-virus or security programs”, as they’re not safe. The impression is free programs are substandard, or a diluted version of the real thing. I believe both views are correct in some cases…..

I have bought different programs such as Symantec and McAfee in the past, and wondered if those programs were actually worthwhile. They pretended to do the jobs they were supposed to do, but when it came time to renew the subscription, all of a sudden the computer is infected and full of viruses and trojans and worms etc.

Chances are the various programs do, what they’re promising to do and only give that hype to get you to buy that service again. If that’s the case I don’t need that kind of pressure on my mind. But….

I did a scan with Trend Micro Housecall and that program found 10 or 12 bad problems. I deleted them of course only to have my pc acting up again as soon as I went on-line. So I scanned the computer again and was notified everything was clean.

Not knowing any better I figured everything was fine, and proceeded to go on-line and had the same problems all over again. It got so bad with, slowness, hyper-links that shouldn’t be there, pop-up ads, and a computer tech program slamming into my browsing experience.

I called the number and got a tech to look at my machine. I’ll relate that tale later, but for now I’ll tell you the end result of his findings. He poked around and showed me how I had 21000 error messages, and showed me some adware stuff in the files. He did not fix the problem, but told me I could buy something that would fix it and said it would cost me about $500 to be right with the net again.

I got it all fixed sort of, meaning now it’s an ongoing task to kill the beasts that got me. I did what my previous article said and spent 4 1/2 hours cleaning the system. And I did that with a free system, although I will send Malwarebytes a donation.

Here is that link again for those who think they need it.

10 most mysterious photos

Have you ever taken a photo and found the picture contained more than you were trying to capture? Here are 10 photographs that will surprise you, and maybe make you go through your snapshots to see if you missed anything.
Brace yourselves for the unexpected!  By the way, stick around and keep watching.  Just click on the stories you want to watch.  It never stops.  Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy.
10 most mysterious photos

Hope you found this interesting, as there will be more to come.

Internet Ruins Mystery

A blogging friend of mine asked,

This is the 21st century. Mystery is no longer tolerable in our society. There are no blind dates, and if you got mixed up with the wrong person, it is your fault! We live at a time when anyone can find out the who, what, when, where, why, and how, of anything. No mystery, no imagination, and no chance for surprise.

I lied about no surprise. It’s easy to lie on your online profiles. We live at a time when lying, cheating and stealing are more common than truth and honesty. Everyone wants to appear to be more, or better than they really are. You don’t want to find out how boring, dull, uneducated, prejudiced or sexist, someone is, face to face. You can Google them and get all the “low down” right away.

People harbor secrets, so many times aren’t truthful with others as to “who” they really are or “what” they are after. The accessibility of facts makes it easier to find out about someone due to our new technologies, but still leaves you wondering, what is true and what is not?

The social medium allows people to appear bigger than life. More real than anyone else. Is the competition that tough? Can’t people find out anything by just asking a couple of questions, face to face? Too many people hide behind technology. Are you one of those people? The answer to you Lauren is a definitive YES, the internet has taken away the mystery, and the wonder of new discoveries, in person. You can discover everything on your smart phone, and save yourself an awkward encounter.

Save The Internet

There is trouble brewing for all of us internet users. I will ask you to urge the FCC to reclassify the Internet as a “common carrier” under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. That would protect “net neutrality” and ensure basic consumer protections for Internet service.

The big cable and telecom companies are leading the fight to completely deregulate Internet service. These companies want to squash competition, water down consumer protections, discriminate against certain web traffic, and spark higher rates and slower speeds for everyday consumers like us.

Consumers need the FCC to take a stand against these giants. Please, protect net neutrality and fight for the free and open Internet. Please, forward the petition to your friends so they can fight for the open Internet, too!