Preparation? For What?

For what indeed… Obviously for the flood. For that change in circumstance we spoke of earlier.For the nuclear blast we are sure will never really happen. The earthquake, tornado, hurricane, intruders, war, whatever. That list is way too long. When I said I had an epiphany, actually I never used that word, as I didn’t want to brag, but I digress.

I stated 350,000 article and posts I could make, and if you make a list of all of the reasons for even a single topic, you would have a thousand posts, just waiting for publication! But all of this spiel ( love Yiddish ) was a definite digression, getting way off topic…

Prepare for what I am going to give you this time! I don’t want you to feel all uncomfortable, and you can just go away now, if you have a weak heart. If you are saying ” I can take whatever you can throw at me Squatch!”. Then get out your Kleenex, grab your favorite beverage, a cover or blanket for comfort and anything else you will need to be prepared, because I’m not going to treat y’all with KID GLOVES…..

Appalachian Settlers and Their Dwellings

Appalachia : A beautiful place plagued with poverty, here in our backyard

Alone in the Woods: A Documentary


Lost Settlements of the Appalachian Mountains Part 1: History of the

Hope you survived that! Any comments? Were you PREPARED?