The Nicest Parts Of Cyberville Via Blogdom Express

Hey y’all, I took an Express ride through the better parts of Cyberville yesterday. The ride was great! I saw the shabbier places of the web along the way, but my driver assured me, we would only be passing by the ghetto area. My place is just outside the lowest place on the web tour.

When we made it through the vast area that made tent cities look pretty, we hit ” Downtown” Cyberville. That was a sight, tall sleekly designed places, some so tall I couldn’t even see their tops, above the cloud. I could only gain admittance to a couple of these fancy places, and I kind of had to push my way in.

It seems there is a dress code, and prior to entry I had to find a cover that didn’t look too shabby. There were a few places I wasn’t invited into, but I did manage to sneak into a place that was truly clean and nice.

I was a little worried running around someone’s place without them there. I felt like a rodent, scurrying about, hoping I didn’t leave any tell-tale clues I had been there. I’m not kidding, this place was so nice, I was almost afraid to click any buttons lest I managed to leave a smudge or drop a chunk of lint somewhere!

It turned out the owner of that place is a photographer. His place was probably being monitored, with cameras and whatever other types of surveillance gizmos high-class folks use. I don’t use anything like that. If my dog doesn’t like you, he’ll let everyone know it, but I don’t keep watch, and never lock anything up.

The walls were lined with this artists work, and there were hundreds of faces, staring back at me. They didn’t say anything, but I could tell they didn’t want me there. They seemed to disapprove of me being there, without a proper invitation. I tried to ignore them, but their faces were too compelling to even shut out of my sight.

I quietly crept around gawking at all of the great photos and wished I had that kind of talent. I was mildly surprised no one came in to see who I was, or what I wanted. That only made me feel more like a thief, not being invited in, and looking like a lower life form. I really was surprised! Like I said, this place was better than a museum.

I scribbled down the address on a piece of scrap paper, i found in one of my pockets, just in case I wanted to go back. I haven’t heard from any legal types, so I must have managed to stay below the radar. I guess I am a creep, as that was what I did there. Creep around, don’t disturb anything, and wipe off all of the surfaces I might have touched.

Anyway, I figured some of you good, clean, talented and adventurous people may want to see this place. Here is the address I wrote down at the bottom of this post, and you can see it for yourselves. If he says anything about my having been there, just act like you don’t know me, or never heard of me. That might work, unless he can see the lie on your face.

Just a word of caution though. I think he’s a card player, and can read you like a book. Just act calm and normal, and don’t let him see you are hiding anything, because he can read everyone’s expressions. I gotta go, so y’all have a nice time touring the place I told ya about.

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I found a blog out there, that is very entertaining, and should be a part of everyone’s day.  We all, at least all of us old folks, remember ” Laughter The Best Medicine “, from the olden days in Readers Digest.  Wronghands at does a fine job at keeping me feeling better about the state of our lives.  I hope to include a funny to this site, on a daily basis.  Hope all of my visitors enjoy them as much as I.