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2015-01-26_090426 martiIf you’re into science or cartoons you’ll love Martina Zeitler. She is a children’s book author & illustrator, cartoonist & engineer. She creates a great cartoon well worth looking at on a new blog at She also has freebies! I love free stuff and especially free stuff that makes me laugh. Have you heard about Doug the Dung Beetle? Well Marti offers a FREE Doug the Dung Beetle Activity Book, on her new site.
Marti is an engineer and is into physics and outer space, and if this appeals to you, go check out what she is up to.
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Also check out and let me know what you think.

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I found a blog out there, that is very entertaining, and should be a part of everyone’s day.  We all, at least all of us old folks, remember ” Laughter The Best Medicine “, from the olden days in Readers Digest.  Wronghands at does a fine job at keeping me feeling better about the state of our lives.  I hope to include a funny to this site, on a daily basis.  Hope all of my visitors enjoy them as much as I.