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An old man and woman were working on landscape clean-up, in a noisy industrial area. Over time they had learned to communicate with gestures. When the man wanted to know where something was, he would gesture with a shrug, and show the appropriate action.

Shrug, digging action = where’s the shovel? She would respond with the digging action and point at a nearby shed. this was working pretty well and they were able to work far from each other, always able to communicate what they needed to.

At one point the man needed the wheelbarrow, and shrugged to the woman, lifting his arms out in front of him, making forward and backward motions.

The woman, quite far from him caught the question and responded, by pointing to her eye, then she grabbed her left breast, followed by pointing at her butt, and then pointed at her crotch.

The man was very confused by this, as she wasn’t usually so sexually explicit, especially on the job. So he made his gestures again, indicating where’s the wheelbarrow?

The woman once again, pointed at her eye, grabbed her left breast, pointed at her butt, and then at her crotch.

The man shrugged, thinking she probably wanted sex or something, and walked over to the old woman to find out what she meant by the cryptic response to, the location of the wheelbarrow.

The woman was quite exasperated by this time, as the man usually figured out what she had indicated.

So in plain English, he asked ” where is the wheelbarrow? ”
Using the same gestures, and speaking at the same time, she replied. ” I said, I, pointing at her eye, left it, grabbing her left breast, behind, pointing at her butt, the bush, pointing at her crotch!

Cyber Appreciation Day


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I truly appreciate you

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Been There, Wish I Could Do That.
I have been checking out a lot of the other blogs out there. When someone likes what I posted, I go to their place and make sure I don’t make a mess, and poke around and peruse….
I thank you followers and liker’s for making me feel like I’m not just a waste of digital presence. I only arrived here in your sight about a month ago, and am truly a fish outta the water.
I don’t know how to do much yet, but I will learn. My biggest bad habit is my stubborn way with not quitting. No mountain can impede my progress, and now I think I have digital friends to share my “everything” with.
Over the years I’ve tried to continue to believe people are inherently good, although I don’t see it in real life, very much. I am beginning to see it here on the blog. I didn’t go to Woodstock. I was already shying away from the crowds when that was happening.
I am reclusive, yet here on the net I am alone and yet finding Friends. I still don’t have the interactions I had hoped would transpire, but I’ve only been here a month.
Thank You for being willing to let me be this much more social with you. I do appreciate all of you, and hope to be a part of this neighborhood for a long time.


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“Need Input”

I have to ask my readership to forgive my actions here in this blog. In trying to give others interesting reads, I forget some folks don’t want a long involved story. I’m not fluent in video nor have I figured out how I could use it to bring my ramblings to my audience.


I can’t afford to hire a pretty, or handsome person to present my offerings on video. I am neither pretty or handsome and me, on video would truly frighten or repulse the people I hope to entertain. That would be the story, ” Squatch caught on video”.


I was hoping to create an eclectic site that many would enjoy, so I wouldn’t be just another boring website. It’s difficult finding material pleasing to a varied crowd. Part of my problem is I have a lot of interests, and want to present articles, news and stories that you may enjoy.


I am still asking for ideas. I have lots of ideas, but I want you to enjoy it, not me. As Johnny Five said in Short circuit, ” Need Input “. So my apologies to you, and please drop an email or comment, and tell me where to go with all of this.

Solar System Simulation Reveals Planetary Mystery – Astrobiology Magazine

Hey readers, this is a re-blog of an earlier story.  I can only take credit for pushing a couple of buttons.  This is a lot like stealing so I give credit for this post to Astrobiology Magazine.  Another by the way, I decided not to condense this article, as it would not be as good, nor as informative.

via Solar System Simulation Reveals Planetary Mystery – Astrobiology Magazine.

Solar System Simulation Reveals Planetary Mystery

A snapshot of weather patterns around Mars, including blue-white ice clouds that are visible above the Red Planet's Tharsis volcanoes. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS

When we look at the Solar System, what clues show us how it formed? We can see pieces of its formation in asteroids, comets and other small bodies that cluster on the fringes of our neighborhood (and sometimes, fly closer to Earth.)

Are the orbits and sizes of the planets a natural byproduct of the formation, or are there features that happened because of rare events? Scientists are focused on answering these questions to better understand how the Earth formed, and what this means for Earth-like planets around other stars.

For example, a new set of simulations showed that Mars is a rare planet. It can happen, but only in certain situations — at least, if the parameters of the simulations are correct. Are these assumptions correct, or do other initial conditions need to be explored?

Finding the answers to these questions not only helps us understand where Mars comes from, but also our own planet. This is interesting to astrobiologists because the Red Planet has extensive evidence of past water.

Results from the Opportunity, Spirit and Curiosity rovers on the Martian surface came across features that form in the presence of water, such as mineralized iron oxide known as hematite, or”blueberries,” because of its shape.

“The formation of Mars is a long-standing problem. Most previous studies like this have not been able to reproduce an object with Mars’ mass,” said Rebecca Fischer, a doctoral candidate in geophysical sciences at the University of Chicago, who led the research.

“It is possible to reproduce Mars, but it only happens 5 percent of the time. If you only ran four simulations, you wouldn’t see it happen,” she says.

Fischer’s work, called “Dynamics of the terrestrial planets from a large number of N-body simulations,” appeared in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters in April.

Jupiter and Saturn formed first

Fischer, who is a geologist by training, is interested in how the Earth came to be. Like other planets in the Solar System, the Earth arose from a cloud of gas and dust about 5 billion years ago. Over time, this cloud coalesced into chunks of material. The chunks collided and combined, eventually forming the planets and moons that we see today.

A montage of the planets and some of the moons in our solar system, not to scale. Credit: NASA/JPL

Predicting what conditions would form the eight planets of our solar system, however, is an extreme challenge. It requires modelling interactions over millions of years, and taking into account things such as how the orbits of the gas giant planets — specifically Jupiter and Saturn — affected how the Inner Solar System planets came to be.

Previous simulations of the Solar System formation were limited to just a few trials. Until this most recent work, the largest number of simulations, a total of 12, were described in a 2009 research paper called “Building the terrestrial planets: Constrained accretion in the inner Solar System.” (The research was published in Icarus and is also available in preprint version on Arxiv.)

It is believed that Jupiter and Saturn formed before the Inner Solar System because they have so much gas inside of them. Similarly to the young Sun, these planets would have scooped up gas floating around in the vicinity. The gas would have only remained in the Solar System for a short time before the Sun’s radiation blew it out of the Solar System, implying that the gas giant came together quickly. The gas giants were able to hold on to the gas because of their immense gravity.

For that reason, the model started with the assumption that Jupiter and Saturn existed when the Inner Solar System was still being formed. The researchers ran two sets of 50 simulations — one with Jupiter and Saturn close to the eccentric orbits that they have today, and one with Jupiter and Saturn in more circular orbits.

“We formed two to six Inner Solar System planets in our simulations, usually,” Fischer says. “We do see something that looks like a Venus analog. Mercury is much harder. We see maybe one good analog out of all the simulations. That’s something, that really no simulations are producing Mercury, so there’s probably something wrong in the way of thinking about that.”

Fischer acknowledged that the results may tell scientists that forming Mars and Mercury are low-probability events — possible, but rare. Or, the simulation may show scientists that the assumptions they have about the Solar System need to be revisited. These are matters that will need to be addressed in future research, she said.

Building Earth

Besides forming the planets, the research also looked into how the presence of other planets affected how the Earth is formed. For example, our planet includes “volatiles” such as water on its surface. Is it possible that the mass of Mars changed how much water the Earth accreted? Fischer’s simulations revealed that the amount of water on Earth appears to be independent of Mars.

The orbits of Jupiter and Saturn may have affected how much water, nitrogen and carbon was delivered to Earth early in its history. Credit: NASA

What Fischer did notice, however, is that the orbits of Jupiter and Saturn greatly affected the amount of volatiles that were delivered to the Inner Solar System where Earth is. Water and some organic materials originate in the Outer Solar System, hence the reason that comets come from a hypothetical region called the Oort Cloud. This region has a large group of icy objects that are believed to be about 5,000 to 100,000 astronomical units (Earth-sun distances) from the Sun.

These icy objects remain far out in the Solar System, unless the orbits of the gas giants kick them closer to the Sun. A planet like Earth, which was in the process of accreting water, nitrogen and carbon (all important for life), likely depended a lot on the material that the gas giants delivered.

Fischer found that the formerly circular orbits of early Jupiter and Saturn enabled the gas giants to deliver much of the volatiles into the Inner Solar System, a situation that would not be as possible with today’s more eccentric orbits.

Models have come up with a few scenarios of Jupiter’s and Saturn’s orbits while the inner planets were forming. Perhaps their orbits crossed, or orbits moved towards the Sun and back out, but the reasons behind this are poorly understood.

How rare is our solar system?

Understanding how the Solar System is put together also has implications for life beyond Earth. If it is, indeed, rare for certain planets to form, this could also make it rarer for life to exist in the Universe. So far, Fischer said, scientists haven’t been able to replicate the Solar System in models.

It is difficult to form Mercury in solar system simulations, suggesting that some of our assumptions about the small planet's formation might be wrong, a new study suggests. NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington

“There’s a lot of discussion over the philosophy of how to approach this, whether you look for the Solar System as the most likely outcome, or whether you should look for conditions that can produce the Solar System. Currently, there’s no configuration that has been proposed that forms the Solar System most of the time.”

For further studies, Fischer is interested in how the Solar System’s formation could have affected the Earth’s interior. For the planets coming together in the simulation, she will calculate how the incoming material is distributed between the Earth’s core and mantle, the latter of which changes as a function of pressure and temperature in the Earth’s core.

These simulations will help to pinpoint the temperature of Earth’s core, which is unknown. The Earth’s active surface, shaped by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, is sometimes cited as a reason that life exists because it provides energy and change for organisms.

While the presence of Mars might be a rare situation for our solar system, it is a lucky one for astrobiologists. It is believed that studying Mars is good for understanding different conditions under which life could have happened, even if we’re not sure life was ever there yet.

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“Squatch” Is Technologically Challenged!

Breaking story out of Reno Nevada. (story written by Fe02, of the G.P.I. news service)
Squatch, also known as RGCORROS, who just happens to be the author of this blog, was found today to be technologically challenged, when he suddenly found he had 1796 e-mails in his Gmail account.
The incident occurred shortly after noon today, following the emptying of his primary account. “The overloaded mailbox, a Google construct, should have exploded from the lack of notice”, one of the technicians stated. Right on Rusty, an investigator for the extragalactic firm SQUATCHCO, located on the inner hard drive just outside Reno told reporters “the danger was real. Had the account reached max load, terabytes of digital area would have been decimated”.
According to local scientists, the explosive outgassing of the digital bomb would have sped away spherically, at the speed of light. Professor Jameson Reynolds Numerally, a renown digiphysiologist at U.N.S.S. spoke to the media at a press conference. He explained what the consequences would have been, if Squatch had continued to be a technomoron.
According to the science, E=MC sq. That M going at the speed of C is multiplied by itself, and there would be no deflection. All near digital space in four dimensions would simultaneously expand outwardly, pushing the cloud toward the constellation Magellan.
In a private interview with this intrepid reporter Squatch recounted what had happened and solemnly swore to “try harder to get it all figured out”. Squatch said he managed to clear all of the emails in his primary account, and when he couldn’t get to use his twitter account to the fullest, he knew he had a problem. “It was the damn twitter!” he grumped. Apparently he had to give an email conformation, and couldn’t find an email from them.
“I kept sending them my junk, and they kept saying your conformation email is in your box”. It turned out, there were two other buttons in the inbox. Anyone who ever used email knows how to use their inbox, except, Squatch it seems. The other two buttons were labeled, social, and promotions. Squatch denied being an antitechnogeek diligently, and tried to defend himself by claiming he had been ” living in the backwoods for nigh over 25 years, powerless and totally untechnolized “.
“I was just amazed when I pushed that word social, and there it was, you know…the damn twitter email I had been trying to get for four frigging hours” According to the self-proclaimed “almost know what to do” technomoron, Squatch said it was even more difficult than any webbie could ever imagine. ” There was the stupid email, so I could have taken care of the one stupid thing, and I noticed the social place was packed! I could feel the pressure mounting while I sat gaping at the social bin. I timidly touched the promotion button, and it just slammed open, jarring me physically! There ain’t words for the danger I was facing. There was stuff in there from 2011″.
According to Squatch he ” hurriedly did his tweet crap”. He commented on the terrible waves of energy he felt rumbling through him, and said ” all I could do was mark them all as read, check the box to delete the second 50 emails, and do that again, and again”. He recounted how after about ten times of doing the delete thing, the pressure started to diminish some. He said after about 40 times doing the delete 50 more, the mailbox spoke. “would you like to do a bulk delete?”.
“That’s what really tore me up” he ranted. He growled about how the *&@%?+= computer could have said something in the first place. He said he figured it wasn’t really his fault, it was the stupid computers fault. “When I think I had enough and am going to blow, I don’t wait for some nontechy type to push my right buttons”.
The City, County, and the State are currently in debate on the problems with these types of incidents. Antimoron groups are shouting in the streets, “nontechs back to the boondocks”, and ” remove retechtards now!”. A plan to reeducate retechtards has been put in place, to prevent other such incidents in the future.
” If laws aren’t enacted soon, it might mean the end of life as we know it “, one of the scientists bemoaned. “Already, we’ve found evidence this kind of drama, has happened in the past, and may well continue into the future”. No charges have been pressed on Squatch at the time of this article, but the repercussions of what has happened will certainly inspire our leaders to enact more stringent measures, to prevent future dumbassary.
Professor Jameson Reynolds Numerally commented on the subject, telling me about the evidence found recently, regarding this very issue. ” It’s all in the ice”, stated the professor. “Records show this has happened in the past, or maybe the future, and might have been the primary cause of the extinction level event, that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago”. Although the evidence is inconclusive, many theoretical physicists back up those statements.

What Is the Problem?

I can point out lots of problems with everything in my life. I didn’t get a college degree. I didn’t try hard enough to be better than the Jones’s. I wasn’t greedy enough to want more than I was willing to work for. I didn’t want what everyone else seemed to want, so I didn’t compete for a better living. I didn’t lie, cheat or steal, to achieve my goals.
I didn’t try to prove how smart I was, and didn’t try to excel at anything. I got bored with creative projects. Once I could play a song half way decently, I wasn’t interested in playing it again. When I was bored in school, instead of showing the teacher how smart I was, I cut school and skipped classes. I knew the material the school wanted me to know. I just failed to take the next step.
I was tested in the 9th grade while I was in juvenile hall, for placement, as I had to go to school by state law. It turned out I couldn’t be placed anywhere in the juvenile hall school, as my grade level exceeded their’s. Even knowing this, I didn’t bother myself with trying to meet loftier goals.
I went to 3 semesters of college. I realized I would have to go for 6 or 8 years to get a degree worth anything. While still in attendance I saw fellow students, attain a degree and proceed to be janitors and waitresses. Over saturation of various fields, and another jump forward technologically, made choosing a future more tricky.
I have always known change, and instead of meeting its challenge, have shied away from it. So now it’s the future and I guess I’ve been the problem. I can’t blame someone else for my lot in life. I knew there were no free rides. Too bad I didn’t try a long time ago. That might have changed everything.  Maybe there wouldn’t be problems if I had done anything but Nothing when I had a chance.