Cinderella (1899) Impossible Voyage, A Trip to the Moon & Titanic – 1912 Original Video Footage

How about some entertainment?  Are you ready to sit back and just not think for a little while?  I won’t be there for a while, so go ahead and take off your boots, grab something refreshing and just hang out and chill.  There’s a beer in the icebox, cookies in the cookie jar, and a cozy blanket to curl up with, right there on the sofa.


Did you know, when you get to the end of these videos, there are choices for more?  You can literally watch hours of video, and a lot of them are vintage.  There is a whole section on Edison Trains, old steam engines, and footage, including a train wreck with two trains at the Cal. Expo.  


So really take a hard look and you might find something you like.  There are even ADULT CARTOONS and Vintage ones too.


Cinderella (1899) – 1st Dissolve Transition – GEORGES MELIES – Cendrillon


George Melies- Impossible Voyage

A Trip to the Moon (HQ 720p Full) – Viaje a la Luna – Le Voyage dans la lune – Georges Méliès 1902

Titanic – 1912 Original Video Footage

At 11.40pm on the night of 14 April 1912, en route to New York and on her maiden voyage, the RMS Titanic struck the iceberg that would ultimately lead to her sinking less than 3 hours later. At around 2.20am on the morning of 15 April, RMS Titanic disappeared beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, a disaster that resulted in the loss of more than 1,500 lives, almost two-thirds of the people on board. In this centenary year, this website is dedicated to their memory.