Spain: Stop abusing big cats in circuses!

Spain: Stop abusing big cats in circuses!
rusty,A four-month-old lion cub, Magnus, was starved by circus owners to keep him small enough to pose for selfies with visitors. Magnus was kept on a liquid-only diet and nearly died of malnutrition. His esophagus shrunk, making it impossible for him to eat solid foods.

We can help animals like Magnus – sign the Care2 petition urging the Spanish government to stop using big cats in circuses today!

Magnus is now being cared for by a charity, but he will be chronically ill for the rest of his life. Sadly, his situation is not unique. Big cats used in tourist shows are often drugged and abused.

Cubs are usually taken away from their mothers at an early age so they are easier to handle. Their claws and canine teeth are removed so that they can’t harm visitors.

These animals don’t deserve such horrifying cruelty just so people can take selfies. Ringing Bros circus recently announced it would stop abusing elephants in response to pressure from around the world. If enough of us speak out against this awful abuse of lions and tigers, the entertainment industry in Spain may follow suit as well. Tell the Spanish government to ban the use of lions, tigers, and other big cats in circuses!

Thank you,

Cate H.
The Care2 Petitions Team

Cats and Dogs Slaughtered



Millions of Cats and Dogs Slaughtered and Stripped of Their Fur
Dogs cramped in a cage


PETA Dogs awaiting doom

Stand with PETA to take on the fur industry! If you become a member today, your gift will be DOUBLED—up to our $15,000 goal!


Dear Rusty,

Many of us share a loving home with a cat or a dog, a sensitive and loyal friend whose affection is unconditional.

But this year in China, more than 2 million dogs and cats will be condemned to a hellish life of abuse, neglect, and cruelty before being slaughtered and stripped of their fur for the global skins industry. The U.S. and Canada are major importers of fur from China.
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PETA is taking hard-hitting steps to save these animals and others facing cruelty, but our campaigns rely on the support of individual donors like you.

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Become a PETA member today and help stop the suffering of dogs, cats, and other animals killed for their skin, tortured in laboratories, and abused in other ways. And if you become a member right now in response to this appeal, a generous supporter will match your gift dollar for dollar, up to our $15,000 goal.

The cruelty that investigators have exposed in the Chinese fur trade is truly heartbreaking. Hundreds of terrified animals are stuffed into cages packed so full that they are unable to move. Denied food and water, they often share these cramped cages with dying animals and others who have already died as they’re shipped to live-animal markets. Once they arrive, the cages are tossed carelessly from the trucks onto the ground below, shattering the bones of the fearful animals inside them.

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At a Chinese market, an investigator documented that a frightened dog’s head was restrained with a wire noose as a worker genitally electrocuted the animal with a metal rod. Footage revealed that animals at the markets are routinely bludgeoned and skinned alive, their stripped, bleeding bodies discarded and tossed onto a pile with those of other dying animals. These animals’ hearts may continue to beat for as long as five minutes, their gasps ignored as the next victim of the fur trade is skinned.

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We cannot stand idly by and allow this kind of intense suffering to continue. But PETA has more opportunities to help animals than it does financial resources. That’s why if you become a PETA member right now in response to our appeal, your gift will be MATCHED dollar for dollar, up to our $15,000 goal.

Please take your compassion for animals to the next level and join PETA today. Together, we can expose and stop the abuse of animals.

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Thanks to the support of our members, no other group has taken a stronger stand against the cruelty of the skins trade than PETA. Through groundbreaking investigations and eye-opening campaigns, we have convinced some of the world’s largest retailers to end the sale of fur or exotic-animal skins and inspired major corporations, including Coleman and Ann Taylor, to make history by refusing to sell the feathers of ducks and geese abused for down.

By becoming a PETA member today, you’ll be helping to supply vital resources to all of PETA’s campaigns. You’ll be standing side by side with our dedicated team of researchers, scientists, investigators, campaigners, and other professionals to make the world a better place for animals.

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Along with a subscription to our colorful and informative magazine Animal Times, members-only discounts on PETA merchandise, and invitations to exclusive town hall meetings, all PETA members receive a membership card as a symbol of their commitment to animals. The card represents our donors’ dedication to helping animals and speaking out against their abuse. Most importantly, every PETA member is part of a growing international movement to make the world a kinder place for all animals.

Become a PETA member today.

Thank you for your compassion for all animals.

Very truly yours,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

Save Our Poor Ragged Planet

Center for Biological Diversity

Thanks for taking action for gray wolves.

Dear Rusty,

Thanks for signing our petition Demand Justice for Echo, the Slain Grand Canyon Wolf to protect wolves on Care2, and welcome to the Center for Biological Diversity, where for 25 years we’ve been standing up for wolves and other wildlife across America. We’ve won protection for 571 species and more than 476 million acres of wildland.

Wolves need our help. While wildlife-hating politicians in Washington threaten to end their legal protection from coast to coast, wolves are already being slaughtered in trophy hunts in Idaho and Montana. They’re being killed by government gunmen to protect the profits of the meat industry from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest. And they’re being illegally shot down from Kansas to Utah.

The Center has been working to protect wolves for more than 25 years. Our 1990 lawsuit led to the re-introduction of the Mexican gray wolf in the Southwest. We stopped the Bush administration from ending wolf protection in 2003 — this year alone we protected California’s wolves and ended Wyoming’s wolf hunt.

You can find out more about the Center’s wolf work on our campaign page. There’s a timeline of our wolf work, a map of historic gray wolf habitat, and check out our infographic on the wolf wars. We’ve even identified 350,000 additional square miles where wolves could roam. Join with the Center and help us stand up for gray wolves.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates and opportunities to take action and inviteyour friends to join our network.

Thanks for your support and keep in touch,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


Shut Down Hollywild Animal Park!

Tell USDA: Shut Down Hollywild Animal Park!

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Shut Down Hollywild
Animal Park

Sign Kristina’s Petition


Hollywild Animal Park in Wellford, South Carolina, has a horrible track record of animal health and safety violations, and recently had a fire that killed 27 of their animals! The USDA is currently investigating Hollywild, so Care2 member Kristina Snyder launched a petition urging them to shut Hollywild down.

Sign Kristina’s petition and help put an end to Hollywild’s legacy of poor animal care!

From a lack of veterinary care to rotten carcasses left in animal enclosures, Hollywild had over a dozen animal health and welfare violations the last time USDA inspectors were at the facility, triggering an in-depth investigation into the park. Tragically, before that investigation could be completed, an electrical fire burned down one of Hollywild’s animal barns, and killed 27 of their animals.

Beyond their previous violations, Care2 member Kristina Snyder maintains they are a breeding zoo that allows human/cub interactions and perpetuates the exotic pet problem, leaving accredited sanctuaries inundated with older, unwanted exotics.

Tell the USDA: It’s time to end Hollywild’s shameful run and shut them down.

Thanks for taking action!

Aaron V
The Care2 Petitions Team