What Is the Problem?

I can point out lots of problems with everything in my life. I didn’t get a college degree. I didn’t try hard enough to be better than the Jones’s. I wasn’t greedy enough to want more than I was willing to work for. I didn’t want what everyone else seemed to want, so I didn’t compete for a better living. I didn’t lie, cheat or steal, to achieve my goals.
I didn’t try to prove how smart I was, and didn’t try to excel at anything. I got bored with creative projects. Once I could play a song half way decently, I wasn’t interested in playing it again. When I was bored in school, instead of showing the teacher how smart I was, I cut school and skipped classes. I knew the material the school wanted me to know. I just failed to take the next step.
I was tested in the 9th grade while I was in juvenile hall, for placement, as I had to go to school by state law. It turned out I couldn’t be placed anywhere in the juvenile hall school, as my grade level exceeded their’s. Even knowing this, I didn’t bother myself with trying to meet loftier goals.
I went to 3 semesters of college. I realized I would have to go for 6 or 8 years to get a degree worth anything. While still in attendance I saw fellow students, attain a degree and proceed to be janitors and waitresses. Over saturation of various fields, and another jump forward technologically, made choosing a future more tricky.
I have always known change, and instead of meeting its challenge, have shied away from it. So now it’s the future and I guess I’ve been the problem. I can’t blame someone else for my lot in life. I knew there were no free rides. Too bad I didn’t try a long time ago. That might have changed everything. ┬áMaybe there wouldn’t be problems if I had done anything but Nothing when I had a chance.