What Is The Truth?

I’ve been working on another article for the blog and have run into a little snag. The subject is controversial and all of the information I gather is contradictory. Out of 20 sites I’ve looked at to get facts, half of them say one thing and the other half say the opposite. So which view should I present to my audience? Obviously I’ll have to show all of the arguments, and write an inconclusive article.
What is the truth? In this era of instant communications, and live feeds, one would expect there to be a true zone. Unfortunately there are just too many factors to get to the bottom of many issues. Both sides of an argument have lobbyists, that are paid to present an argument in their point of view. On this issue there has been a dramatic increase in the number of lobbyists, trying to persuade our elected officials on how they should vote.
The article I had hoped to bring before you is of a scientific nature, and in fact relates to nature. Would the truth be too devastating to our economy, or to our politicians, to be publicly spoken? If something might hurt our civilization, is it worth money, jobs, lifestyles or our personal integrity to keep hidden from the general population?
The subject I hoped to write about could very well change the course of our civilization. Those changes would affect everything we do. It would affect our jobs, our lifestyles, our economy, our ability to have what we want, and possibly our ability to survive.We are a greedy race (humanity) and want as much of everything as we’re allowed to have.
Isn’t truth more important than all of the things I just mentioned? Wouldn’t you rather know the truth of a subject, than doom your children to a future they might not survive? Is hiding the truth more important than giving our progeny a chance to live, somewhat as we do?
In this push button world we now live in, many people have no survival skills. If truths are hidden from mankind so our economies can go the way they are, will it be worth the price our children and their children will have to pay? Unfortunately, we are greedy and don’t want to give up any of the luxuries we’ve become dependent upon and enjoy. I find myself hoping our grandchildren will be able to live a life with all of the modern comforts we currently have.