Here Are 6 Bone-Chilling Facts About the Weather Today in NYC
The bitter arctic to-the-bone chilling frost gripped New York City Friday morning so mercilessly, it made us create this disturbing list. Brace yourself with a mug of hot beverage.

So, how cold is it in the New York City?

It’s so cold that…
It broke a record. The temperature dropped to 2 degrees Fahrenheit shortly before 8 a.m. in the Central Park, breaking the record on this same day in 1950, when the National Weather Service (NWS) registered 7 degrees Fahrenheit.
It’s a health hazard. The wind chills reached -16 degrees Fahrenheit, making the NWS issue a special announcement. At that temperature exposed skin gets frostbite in about 30 minutes. Wind chills will reach -10 degrees Fahrenheit for the rest of the afternoon, the NWS warned.
People use drastic similes without exaggerating. Some commuters in front of Penn Station transit hub spontaneously described the weather as “brutal” or compared it to Siberia. None of them seemed to be joking in the least.
Weather maps turned purple. Picture in your mind weather forecast maps showing those nice warm shades of orange in summer and cold shades of blue in the winter. Well, they turned purple for today. The lighter the shade of purple on such maps, the closer you are to an icicle.
It’s literally colder than the North Pole. What was the temperature at 10 a.m. on the North Pole? A comfy 8 degrees Fahrenheit, according to New York City? A dreadful 6 degrees Fahrenheit, according to NWS.
Hudson River froze! Well, almost.


Twitter pictures show a majority of the river is covered with ice on the eastern bank along Manhattan.