The Car part 2


photo 1995 Geo Metro

1995 Geo Metro

” Bill just gave my keys to someone I don’t know! I thought we were
getting along just fine. That’s always the way of things though. I
treated Bill and the family right, didn’t break, unless it was absolutely
necessary, and then it was only a small thing. I wasn’t really broken,
just had a couple of loose connections”.

Bill was always able to figure out what I needed, but today he up and
gave me away! I don’t understand these people sometimes. The
worst part of this whole deal is this new guy, who now has my keys,
also has dogs! Not the little cute, fit in a pocket type dogs, but huge
hundred pounders. Maybe one might be tolerable, two would be
stretching things, but three?”.

Three huge dogs that take up all of the room in my back seat. They are so big, they can’t even lay down at the same time. And the extra weight! I’m sure the combined weight is about 350 pounds, and I’m not used to any of this. I have been known to allow a dog a ride on occasion, but this new guy takes those huge, furry, slobbering animals everywhere! I really do hate dogs. Nasty beasts, always licking their crotches, and shedding fur constantly!”.

So as a faithful rig (that’s what the guy calls me, a rig ) I keep myself in control, and pretend dogs are alright, even though I would rather have normal passengers like people. The worst part about having to accept the dog thing is I don’t get any say, not one word as to what my preferences are. It’s like my feelings don’t matter. The guy acts like me hauling, big, hairy,crotch licking, overweight dogs is my driving ambition”.

” At least there is one thing I don’t mind about this whole new guy affair, and that is the country. This guy and his wife and the God awful, overweight dogs, live somewhere outside of the city, in the mountains. Even though I’m not big powerful car, with a super powerful V8 engine, I really do love the country. I don’t have to fight with all of those newer cars all vying for position on the roadways”.

” Another thing I like, even though I would never admit it to the guy, is he only drives me into big town about once a month, and to the little town, every couple of weeks. That allows me to rest somewhat. It’s not that I hate going places, but this guy lives way up a mountain, and it’s uphill all of the way. And, it’s a crappy dirt and rock trail he drives me up. Not like the perfect gravel I was so at home on”.

” I will have to admit, the guy with those damn dogs drives me nicely. He has a way of letting me feel like I have control rolling down the roads and trails he uses. He must look way out in front of me when he’s driving, because I hardly ever have to come to a stop so fast that it hurts my soft parts. It’s like he watches out for me, and that is kinda nice”.

” I still don’t understand why Bill gave me away. It’s frustrating, you know? A car gets in the habit of being with a particular driver, knowing what is expected, and knowing the way to go. This new guy doesn’t treat me wrong or anything, but I was with Bill for 18 years, and that is like a lifetime! But, now I’ve been here with giant, fat, crotch licking dogs guy, for about 2 years, and even though I can tell he respects me, I miss my comfortable gravel and Bill”.

” Another thing that bothers me about all of this is, I was just getting used to the guy, and even not really minding having the stupid dogs always jumping in me, and messing around with my seat covers. I was getting used to this life, and was even resigned to this as my life, and then one day, the guy did the same thing Bill did! What are people’s problems that they just give their friends away? At least, I thought we were friends. I was there for him, and those frigging dogs, and he up and gave me to some girl!”.

” A girl! Can you believe that? I was always a guy’s car, and then all of a sudden, without any warning, I am suddenly a girl’s car! People are truly strange, you know what I mean? I was getting along with the guy, and the dogs, and the nasty trail the guy pretends is a road, and he gives me away to a girl! Now I’ll have to try to get along with her, and she doesn’t know diddly squat about cars, let alone me and my quirks. How could she? Girls don’t know about stuff like that!”.

” I realize I have to accept these things, and can’t pout or act up, because I know other cars have been scrapped for doing stuff like that. But it just ain’t fair, not one little bit. I did overhear a conversation about this change of circumstance for me. I don’t know if I agree with the reasoning, but, apparently the guy and dogs, only used me on occasion, like I said earlier, and this girl ( I don’t think I like them very much ) needed me for a 50 mile each way commute”.

” This would happen on a daily basis! No more, once a month to the big town, every two weeks to the little town stuff. Now I was going to have to move down the road every day. At least this would be on a paved surface. I don’t miss the dirt and rock trail, not one bit. It still bothers me that the girl is my driver though. I’m just not that kind of rig. See? I still think I’m that guy’s rig, and am not thinking right, any more. I just don’t know what is to become of me. Maybe someday I’ll figure all of this out. At least I hope I do, I don’t like all of this suspension!”.

The Car

The car is nothing special. It would be considered a relic by too many folks. It is a 1995 Geo Metro, four door coupe, black in color and not very dented, taking its age into consideration. The crack in the wind shield is across the bottom of the view, so it is still legal in most states.



photo 1995 Geo Metro

1995 Geo Metro


The Metro never got a name. Just ” the metro”, and it came to us with a history. Everything has a history of some kind, and the metro had a previous history giving itself an air of distinction. I will let the metro tell you about its past, before me.

“I was purchased right off the showroom floor! I didn’t have to park myself out in the weather, and endure all of the rain Seattle parking lots suffer. I was bright and shiny, padded seats, radio, heater, and with the biggest engine I could get. I heard the tale of the good people buying me, and was thrilled to be chosen for the chance to please my driver and passengers”.

“The story went something like this, but I can’t be sure of all of the facts, as I was so young. The people who bought me, were worried about some family members who had fallen into bad times. Apparently their old ride took a dump on them, right in the middle of the freeway. They were told the old ride would cost more to fix, than it was worth, and even if it was fixed again, it wouldn’t be a reliable rig”.

“I can’t remember the purchaser’s name anymore, it’s been 20 years since I’ve even wondered about such things. I used to know, but I’ve forgotten now. I will call him Jack, that sounds like a good name, every Jack I ever met was okay in my trunk!”.

“Jack bought me to help out his son-in-law and their family. It was really neat, as he paid in cash and took me right outta there. It was a nice day that! No rain, and the highway wasn’t too crowded, and the sun shone, glinting off my panels. I looked sleek if I do say so myself”.

Jack drove me out into the country, and the ride was perfect. I pulled up in a driveway, way up in the Cascade Mountains, roughly 100 miles from the lot. Once I was parked and that was for only minutes, a whole bunch of people crowded around me and started pulling my handles, and pushing my buttons. At first I was kinda put off by their actions, but I figured they just didn’t know any better”.

I let them poke and prod me, and even let them see under my hood! There was a tall guy checking me out, and he had a good touch. I still remember the way he grabbed my dipstick, and I couldn’t help it! I dripped, and the shame of it all. Ever want to know what’s embarrassing, it’s dripping on someone you hardly know!”.

“The tall guy, Bill, yep that was who he was, took me out on the road, after four other people squeezed into me. I don’t know how they even fit, as a couple of them were fairly large. But they did manage to find a comfortable seat, belted themselves in without me having to blink at them for not buckling up. That was nice to be respected right off the get go”.

“We zoomed around for a while and I let them think they were in control, while I guided them back to the driveway. This was my driveway now! I always felt the gravel on my driveway was superior to all of the gravels, of every other place. Be it ever so lumpy, there was never another place like that”.

“I stayed with Bill and his family, and had so many adventures. I went places you could never imagine. Mostly I was taken to town, I mean a fair-sized town, nearly every day. It seemed like clockwork, most days at the same hour, I started up, and purred quietly, waiting for direction. I didn’t really need to be told where we would be going, I knew. The schedules didn’t change often so I was hardly ever surprised at my destination. I did this for countless time”.

“One day I was parked, in town of course. Seems like town is all I had been seeing for who knows how long. A couple good-sized people, reeking of something nasty, started hurting me! They broke my window, and broke my steering column and ripped my ignition switch right outta my spot. That hurt, but what really bothered me was I couldn’t stop them. They seemed to know I was at their mercy, and they took me”.

“I don’t remember very much about what took place after I got stole. I was made to go places, a good car should never even think of going. I was helpless while the nasty, reeky guys made me jump rocks, and stumps. I was getting pretty beat up, and couldn’t stop what was happening, so I tuned it all out. I figured if I ignored the pain and smell, it would go away. That was probably a big mistake, because the guys decided I wasn’t any fun anymore and tried to climb a tree with me”.

“It was a leaner and wasn’t all that steep, but it wasn’t very wide. I felt my front end raise, and I felt my rear tire following along the tree. All of a sudden I had a sensation of falling! I was falling, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I hoped I would land on my soft parts, you know the tires. Murphy’s law applies to cars too, so it happened”.

“I don’t know how long I was upside down. My fluids were draining outta places I never knew I had. A total nightmare (pun probably intended) realizing I was like a turtle on it’s back, and there was nothing I could do. Time doesn’t mean much when you aren’t moving, and upside down. I gave up wondering about my family, I figured this was it”.

“I suddenly felt something, bumping and I was being righted. My tires could feel dirt, and that was nice. Some man was hooking something under me and I felt myself slide. I never felt anything like that before. I always tracked properly, but the slide was hurting me. I felt my wheel tuck itself under my body, and the pain was intolerable. My top was smashed in, and two of my windows were inside me, in a million pieces”.

I got pulled onto a trailer and hauled out roads I can never remember having been on. The trailer was finally parked at a warehouse looking place, and a team of mechanics took away my busted parts, and made me right with the world again”.

“Bill showed up one day and drove me back home, and everything was just as it belonged. I was back, I was home, and I was treated well for countless time. I was treated special, or so I thought.

One day Bill drove me to a place near town. It was almost a quiet place if you ignored the highway noises. He took the key outta my thingy, and gave it to someone I never met. I know who has my key now, it’s the same guy Bill gave it to. That guy has dogs, and a cat, and a family too…I’ve been with them for almost three years, and boy I’ll tell you, I liked Bill much better. At least he didn’t make me haul all kinds of stuff. The new guy seems to think I can be a pick-up. I will show him…..