Just What Is Allowed ?

Dear Friend:

In regard to our earlier conversation, I have some personal questions I believe you need to answer. Firstly, just what is allowed, and what is going over the line?

I think the rules are convoluted as we are spending time together. Even though we are not having any kind of physical relationship, I suspect you are worried about what others may think.

I will be totally honest with you, as I am in all of my dealings with others. I have no intention of leading you on. I am not looking for an affair, as I am married, and completely monogamous.

To quell your wondering, I have been married nearly 24 years, and this is my first marriage, as I didn’t decide to take this step until I was in my mid thirties.

I allow my wife to have friends, but that is such a poor way to say that, as allow is not a proper attitude at all. I encourage her to have friends. Male, female, it matters not.

To control someone, so they might not have friends or be able to socialize, is akin to slavery in my book.

If a person is committed to another, there should be no jealousies, or fear of contacts their significant other may have. Trust is a two way street, and if I weren’t able to trust my spouse, how could I expect her to trust me?

Flirtations are just banter, and a way to expose others to a more private side of oneself. They are a way to break the ice, so strangers might feel the person they are talking to is actually human.

Flirting allows people to feel less formal and helps to show a part of oneself, rarely shown. That in turn allows others to feel more comfortable, whereby being more honest about who they really are.

Dear Friend, could we really have any kind of friendship, where we would have to be careful of what we say, or how we word it?

Liking someone is not groping, or ravaging them, it is merely liking them, and no one can fault someone for their likes.

Relationships are just as difficult as a job, and friendships are the same. You work at a friendship, to learn of another, their hopes, desires, their wants and needs, as well as their fears and hatreds.

In my lifetime, I have had enough relationships to understand, couples must have both friends in common, and friends apart. As a married man I know there are things I can’t say to my wife, as that only causes problems.

The same goes for her. To only have the same friends in common, would not allow one to get the gripes off of their chests, as conversations often get repeated and that in turn leads to arguments or fighting.

Dear Friend, we can only be honest and true to those we wish to have in our lives, and my desires of our friendship is to be true to that end.

If in time we are close, and we might find ourselves at a place where we might feel more strongly toward each other, then we should consider what is best for our friendship.

Until then, rest assured I am not out to lead you on, nor to break your heart, and I also know you too feel the same.

Until next time, your Friend….

Ghost dad LOL

Here is another great post I came across. World meet Very Bangled, using the dark side of the force….

Very Bangled

Alanna from White Girls Be Like posted a challenge, a competition! She’s hosting a Funny Blog Friday which sounds pretty alright. Since I’m competitive, and I like to think I’m funny despite my total inability to remember punchlines, I raised my hand.

But then I started re-reading my blogs. Turns out grief, bracelets, and infertility don’t make for a rollicking good time. So here’s a collection of my worst, darkest, least funny, most painful, absolutely terrible thoughts recently. Let me welcome you to rock bottom.

-If my dad were still alive we’d probably go to the baseball game tonight.
-My dad was the only person to ask me how my day went.
-It’s getting darker earlier and soon I’ll be walking home from work in the dark. Because my dad used to be my ride home and now he is dead. And nobody asks me how my day went anymore.

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Blog Etiquette?

I know I’ve posted nice little tidbits of how you should do this or that. The point is mostly those posts are for me. I should do this or that. And…It’s obvious to everyone I haven’t managed to follow my own advice.

“You still have much to learn young Grasshopper”. I don’t know all or even most of the rules for being proper with this blog. I know it’s proper and polite to give credit where it is due. I place links to posts to give credit to where the article came from, so that is good.

I need to be more consistent with photo credits, and actually find out whose picture I am using. My site doesn’t seem professional, probably because I get lazy or in a hurry. I see all kinds of beautiful blogs, all professional and extremely inviting. I almost think I have to take my boots off before I can enter.

I am taking notes and it’s time I found out the rules. Is there a Roberts Rule Of Blogging? May I borrow it for a couple of days? Does anyone really know the rules, or is it about being polite and honest. Thou shalt not steal thy neighbors post.

Somebody please, give me the Politically Correct Unabridged Edition Of Blog Etiquette, so I won’t look like a total hillbilly. I did crawl out of the woods recently, and have been hiding under a rock, but I don’t want to offend anyone by making a blog-blunder. Look I just gave you an idea for a post!

To blog or not to blog, that wasn’t the question.
Whether it is nobler to suffer the ridicule of poor manners….


It’s no news that people take stuff from hotels.
Whether it’s to snag an unusual souvenir, to get
their money’s worth, to make up for being “overcharged,”
or because hotels tend to loosen inhibitions, guests
take enough things to cost the hotel industry big

To be specific, theft costs hotels $100 million
a year, according to an estimate a few years ago by
the American Hotel & Lodging Association.

Here are 10 that stand out:

• A $300,000 Andy Warhol artwork, taken from the W Hong Kong.

• A 12-foot model of the Concorde, taken from a Best Western
hotel, according to a survey of that chain’s housekeepers.
How did no one notice that on its way out?

• A suit of armor, reported in the same survey.

• A grand piano. Former Starwood GM Colin Bennett told
the Telegraph about the time three people dressed in overalls
strolled into a hotel lobby and wheeled the instrument out
of the hotel and down the street.

• Serious plumbing. One guest stripped a Berlin hotel room
of its Monsoon shower heads, hydromassage shower units,
taps, toilet seats, and sink.

• A stuffed boar’s head. A guest tried to abscond from the
Hotel du Vin in Birmingham, UK, with the mounted head. After
he was caught, his friends bought it for his wedding gift.

• A minibar fridge. Lots of people empty it, but one guest
at a five-star hotel in Dubai left the bottles and took the
unit itself, along with the sofa.

• A marble fireplace. A guest at the Four Seasons Beverly
Hills was alleged to have lifted one. (Perhaps not literally.)

• A medieval sword, according to a survey by Caterer and
Hospitality magazine. Question: How did that guest make
it through airport security?

• A hotelier’s pet dog?
The content in this post came to me via an email a marketer sent me. The actual story came from https://www.yahoo.com/travel/they-took-what-the-craziest-things-stolen-from-110276923262.html. I had to google the information so as to make sure I wasn’t just posting someone’s phony crap. Hope this was fun for you.

What Is The Truth?

I’ve been working on another article for the blog and have run into a little snag. The subject is controversial and all of the information I gather is contradictory. Out of 20 sites I’ve looked at to get facts, half of them say one thing and the other half say the opposite. So which view should I present to my audience? Obviously I’ll have to show all of the arguments, and write an inconclusive article.
What is the truth? In this era of instant communications, and live feeds, one would expect there to be a true zone. Unfortunately there are just too many factors to get to the bottom of many issues. Both sides of an argument have lobbyists, that are paid to present an argument in their point of view. On this issue there has been a dramatic increase in the number of lobbyists, trying to persuade our elected officials on how they should vote.
The article I had hoped to bring before you is of a scientific nature, and in fact relates to nature. Would the truth be too devastating to our economy, or to our politicians, to be publicly spoken? If something might hurt our civilization, is it worth money, jobs, lifestyles or our personal integrity to keep hidden from the general population?
The subject I hoped to write about could very well change the course of our civilization. Those changes would affect everything we do. It would affect our jobs, our lifestyles, our economy, our ability to have what we want, and possibly our ability to survive.We are a greedy race (humanity) and want as much of everything as we’re allowed to have.
Isn’t truth more important than all of the things I just mentioned? Wouldn’t you rather know the truth of a subject, than doom your children to a future they might not survive? Is hiding the truth more important than giving our progeny a chance to live, somewhat as we do?
In this push button world we now live in, many people have no survival skills. If truths are hidden from mankind so our economies can go the way they are, will it be worth the price our children and their children will have to pay? Unfortunately, we are greedy and don’t want to give up any of the luxuries we’ve become dependent upon and enjoy. I find myself hoping our grandchildren will be able to live a life with all of the modern comforts we currently have.