Blue Screen Of Death

I once had a problem ( sounds like an old Beatles song ) and had to fix my old pc, the hard way. It took me two weeks of looking up information and calling various computer geeks and manufacturers. None of these folks would help me unless I was willing to shell out a pile of bucks.



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To find out what’s causing the blue screen / programming conflict, you’ll have to : Turn off the computer.
Press the start button and immediately press the F8 key ( several times ) until you get one of the ADVANCED BOOT MENU screens.
Follow all prompts to get to Safe-Mode.

In Safe-Mode open all of the programs you normally use, including all of the programs in your start-up folder. ( Some programs will not open in Safe-Mode ) If the problem that caused the blue screen hasn’t showed up, you can figure the default settings for the operating system are all fine.

Safe-Mode doesn’t run all of the programs on your system, ( only enough to run Windows ) so if the problem isn’t found in Safe-Mode, you’ll have to go through all of the programs on your system.

In Safe-Mode you can check out what is in your computer in the way of programs and the processes involved with them.

Safe-Mode does not let you connect to the Internet, so I had no idea the problem I was having was with a conflict between the wireless devices. I kept trying to start my computer in different modes and removing unwanted programs and apps.

Had I really recognized what was happening when I tried to start the system, I could have saved myself tons of messing around. The trick is to turn on the system and watch the computer come to life. As each start-up program comes to life, an icon in the tray displays that it is ready and then the next one comes up. ( There may be as many as 50 or 60 processes trying to start ) I saw the Netgear program try to start, and then the blue screen, but it was one of the last programs to load up. I should have watched the start-up closely from the beginning and paid attention to what was trying to load up.

Once the conflict has been eliminated your system should act just fine again. If you’ve removed programs and decided they weren’t the problem after all, try to re-install them, but make a log on what changes you are making. That will help if the blue screen comes back! Keeping a log of the changes you make to your system and the reasons for it, can make a real difference as to how your system operates. Just as you’re always told to back up your work, meaning make back ups, you should create a log of all changes to your computer, and refer to it when something doesn’t work the way is should.

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Destroy Productivity!

10 Distractions that Destroy Productivity: The WRONG Advice
This came into my mailbox and I thought I could share it with you all. Please note, this was written with a sensk of humor, so by all means follow this advice unfailingly. Once you have these distractions going on, feel free to invite the neighbors cats and dogs in to proof read your work. Remember Authoring is more than just putting words together, it is capturing others imagination, and interest.


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writing / multi-tasking


Turn On All Electronic Devices

Email/Internet: Maintain a non-stop connection to the Internet while you’re writing for news updates and constant idea generation. Also, avoid scheduling specific times to check your email – it’s far too important to respond to each message straight away. Be the ultimate multitasker, don’t neglect email or the Internet!

Phone Calls/Text Messages: Never risk letting a caller go straight to voicemail. Even if you’re on a great track in your writing, you should make time to chit-chat with friends and brush up on your texting skills while you’re brainstorming. It won’t bust your productivity too much and it’s better to respond to others quickly to keep them engaged in conversation. Keep your phone on at all times.

Television: With so many great shows on TV and streaming media channels, how can you possibly keep up with it all? Tune to your favorite programs and have them play in the background while you’re writing! It will ultimately save time because you’re multi-tasking! Challenge yourself to concentrate on your writing and what’s going on in the show you’re watching. Take a seat on the couch, write, and take in all the drama of the entertainment world at once!

Video Games: Playing video games or apps on your smart phone can be soothing. Take a break from writing by grabbing a controller and get lost in fantasy or the latest app saga with a truly hands-on experience. Your writing can wait. You can get back to work once you complete the next level or the one after that.
Be at the Beck and Call of Relationships

Friends: Your friends need your full attention. Try to make plans with them while you’re thinking about your next set of articles. Do they want to drop by during your scheduled writing session? No problem! It’s good to interact with others when you’re trying to focus. Casually talk about current events and controversial topics to get your mind racing and to make the room more tense.

Neighbors/Surprise Visits: We’ve divorced ourselves so much from face-to-face communication these days due to technology. Encourage your neighbors to visit as they please! You never know when you’re going to have company over, so have the kettle and a few homemade goodies ready. Don’t ignore knocks at the door because you’re busy – you can pick up where you left off with your writing.

Pets: To most pet owners, these loyal and adorable animals are like family. Include your pets in your writing sessions. Isn’t it adorable the way your cat sits on your keyboard? How hilarious is your dog’s latest tail-chasing antics? Never let your pet think your office is off-limits; after all, they want to be near you and get updates on dinner. Take frequent breaks to give them attention.
Let It All Go

Physical Condition: Turn discomfort into opportunity! Being too comfortable while you’re working will put you to sleep. You need to feel agitated, hungry, tired, and shift constantly in your seat if you want to be alert. Let the motivation to relieve the discomfort – eat, sleep, or straighten out your back – drive you to finish your work faster.

Environment: If you’re the type to be distracted by a little dust or coffee stain, by all means – take the time to thoroughly clean your workspace. You need the absolute cleanest environment for any type of writing. When you see an opportunity to organize, dust or vacuum, be sure to take it! Alternately, if your workspace is so messy that you can’t find your outlines or notes, let it go and don’t worry about organizing the space! You can let your memory do it’s work or perform the research over again.

Procrastination: It’s necessary to put things off from time to time. You need to mull over an idea because the longer you put off writing, the more powerful your ideas will become as they mature in your mind. Throw out your calendar and avoid a schedule. Take your time and wait until tomorrow, or the next day. You’ll get around to it!
DISCLAIMER: Do not follow the advice given above – in fact, do the exact opposite! Think about the distractions you specifically struggle with. If you recognize and understand how harmful these can be to your productivity, you will have a chance at success. Remember, you can do things as you’ve always done them and get the same results. Or break the pattern, step it up, and focus on your writing by eliminating distractions. The path you take is up to you! Are you guilty of any of the above self-induced distractions? Do you have solutions to drive away distractions? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you!

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HTML Tutorial 3 – Adding Images & Backgrounds To Your HTML Website

Some people understand how to do tasks better if it is in a visual format. My experience is, I understand and remember more if I read and then rewrite it. Since I did manage to figure out how to put video on the site, I will bring more video to you.

This is a short video showing in pictures  how to add imagery to your site, through the HTML code, that makes your site look the way it does.

I hope this is helpful, and you should expect more of these articles on this site.

More Fun Online

2015-01-26_090426 martiIf you’re into science or cartoons you’ll love Martina Zeitler. She is a children’s book author & illustrator, cartoonist & engineer. She creates a great cartoon well worth looking at on a new blog at She also has freebies! I love free stuff and especially free stuff that makes me laugh. Have you heard about Doug the Dung Beetle? Well Marti offers a FREE Doug the Dung Beetle Activity Book, on her new site.
Marti is an engineer and is into physics and outer space, and if this appeals to you, go check out what she is up to.
Creative Commons License
Just Outside the Box Cartoons by Marti is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at
Also check out and let me know what you think.

$$$ Big Time Online $$$

So, what’s this? I didn’t want to do another piece on the subject of making money on the internet, but it just keeps getting in the way. I have e-books that give ideas (proven methods) that tell me where to go and what to do. I have people who do the same thing, but it isn’t about making money online. I digress, sorry.
unfortunately I’m no technical wizard and can barely make a post on my blog. Almost everything online takes a fair amount of smarts, except maybe clicking on ads or commenting on websites. apparently a person could make money doing those things too.
I had a website for a couple of years, but I ended up moving and didn’t have easy access to the internet. I wasn’t able to work with the site, and it was going to cost more money to keep the thing going. I had thought putting ad words on it might help pay for its hosting, but that didn’t pan out.
So my experiences with the big w.w.w. have only made money for the internet. If a person has the smarts to do more technical things than just hunt and peck at the keyboard, there are about fifty things you can do to make money in cyber-space. I just don’t seem to have what it takes.
I think I can write, at least good enough that I can get a point across, but that doesn’t help much. I don’t consider myself an expert at anything. I lived off grid and can tell you how caveman did stuff, but most people couldn’t care less. Yet that is probably where my expertise is. Great niche, don’t you think?
“THE HARD WAY  COMPANY” Everything I’ve ever had to do , usually required me to do it the hard way. That will be true for trying to pay the bills from online. If you’re looking for that golden egg to land at your feet, here’s some things you can try.
1. Forum Posting 11. Become a website or domain broker
2. Forum Moderator 12. Start A Forum Posting Website
3. Article writing 13. Referral Exchange Programs
4. Become A Blogger 14. Buying and selling links
5. Guest Writer 15. Resell SSL Certificates
6. Podcasting 16. Drop Shipping
7. Online Counselor 17. Sell your unused items
8. Translation 18. Buy and Sell Items on eBay:
9. Outsourcing Middle-Man 19. Sell other people’s items on eBay
10. Employee Referral 20. Write an eBook on buying and selling
techniques in eBay

21. Participate in Paid Surveys
22. Submit links to Social Bookmarking sites on other’s behalf
23. Take up part-time Data Entry jobs
24. Get hired as Virtual Assistant
25. Participate in contests
So here are 25 ways to make money online that might work for you. I could tell you where to go and what to do, but if I save that info, I can write that out to you another time, ensuring I have a future post. Some of these possible money-making ideas won’t pay very much, and you may have to use two or three of these ideas to make enough to warrant doing.
I have another list with 75 more items on it that I’ll bring to you later, and even tell you what to do, or how to do it. Until then, I hope you find whatever you’re looking for and good luck with all of your endeavors.