1920s Pictures of a Frozen Massachusetts Town

These 1920s Pictures of a Frozen Massachusetts Town Are Epic


February 12, 2015
by Olga Martinez | Epoch Times

In January 2015, Winter Storm Juno created havoc in New England. Flooding, gusting winds, and freezing temperatures covered Massachusetts’ coastal towns with a blanket of ice. But the Northeast region has had a long history of destructive storms.

In the 1920’s Boston photographer Leslie Jones captured the frozen beauty of Winthrop, a small Massachusetts seaside town. We see rows of streets covered in snow, ice, and sleet, and one wonders how did anyone manage to inhabit the houses?

A 100% ice-covered house, Shore Drive, Winthrop, Mass., February 1927

Ice-covered house during storm, Winthrop

Children after a sleet storm posing in front of ice-covered houses, Shore Drive, Winthrop, Mass., February 1927

Ice storm covers houses on Shore Drive in Winthrop

Young women posing on an ice-covered porch, Shore Drive, Winthrop, Mass., February 1927

Ethel M. Padden, Blanche Rupp, Elinor Rourke, and Anna Shapiro stand in porch of ice covered house on Shore Drive, Winthrop

Fishermen in Boston are battling with ice.

Fishing boat covered in ice, Fish Pier, Boston, 1930’s

Ice-covered boat

Ice-covered fishing boat, Fish Pier, Boston, 1930’s

Ice covered boat

A trawler covered in ice, Fish Pier, Boston, 1930’s

Ice covered trawlers - "Breaker"

Leslie Jones also captured brave firemen fighting fire with ice-covered fire engines and equipment.

Fire engine covered in ice, Boston, Mass., 1930’s

Ice covered fire engine

Firemen fighting a fire with ice-covered fire engines, North End, Boston, Mass., 1930’s

Haymarket 5 alarm fire - ice covered engine

Ice-covered Explanade, Boston, Mass., 1930’s

Ice-covered railings, Esplanade, showing Longfellow Bridge

Leslie Jones took tens of thousands of photographs, all of which can be viewed at theBoston Library Archives.


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