10 Ways Dogs Make You a Better Person


10 Ways Dogs Make You a Better Person. Science Proved It.

October 13, 2014

Dog owners know it. And now its backed by science. A group of German, Swedish, and Austrian researchers analyzed nearly 70 studies on dogs and came to some pretty amazing conclusions. Bottom line: dogs make life better.


1. People perceive dog owners as more trustworthy and friendly.

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2. Women are more likely to give their phone number to a stranger with a dog.



3. People are more likely to give money to a homeless person with a dog.



4. People with a dog can expect more smiles from strangers.



5. Petting a dog improves your mood, reduces stress, and makes you less likely to be depressed. It also reduces blood pressure more effectively than other activities such as chatting or reading.

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6. Dog owners are healthier, visit doctors less, have a better immune system, take less medication, exercise more, and sleep better.



7. Children become more emphatic and less aggressive with a dog around.

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8. Dogs also improve the quality of their school work.


9. The presence of a dog is more effective in reducing stress than the presence of one’s spouse.



10. When hospitalized with heart failure, the presence of a dog for even 12 minutes can help speed up recovery.



Blogging For Bucks


I tried Internet Marketing, in a very poor fashion a couple of years ago.  I am not a salesman.  I found that out when I was a kid.  I couldn’t sell anyone Green Thumb Lawn Service, even when their lawn looked like crap!


I couldn’t sell a convict a set of keys to handcuffs, let alone market crud that no one seems to want.  I affiliated with various companies that supposedly sold reputable goods, and never saw a dime.  I advertised, put up Adsense, tried to entice people to look at my wares, and accomplished absolutely nothing.  Well actually I probably wrecked my reputation.


Even so, I still click on some of those ads that suggest I can make money by doing a particular thing. I know there are scammers out there, and folks that aren’t scamming but don’t really know what the product is.


I have a computer full of neat stuff promising to make me anywhere from $ 23 – $1000 per day. Cash Cows, Money Bots, Secret Software, Reports, Tips, Ebooks, Video, and charts with graphs, pictures, instructions, and most of it seems to be garbage.


Now there’s Blogging For Bucks, and if you can set up a blog, and figure out a paying ” Niche”.  You   can proclaim your expertise in your field, and get everybody to come by and spend their money at your site.  It could happen!


It never happened for me but that’s because I don’t know what I’m doing in any meaning of the words.  I can hardly make a post, let alone be able to sell you the keys to the cuffs that bind us.  Yet I still collect ideas and promises of Making Money On The Internet.


So you ask, how does this relate to the title of this article?  Blogging tips.  Do’s and don’ts of blogging.  Blogging tips, how to monetize your blog, and more tips on how to blog and let others provide you with content, and all of those types of ideas.  Lazy Blogging 101.


Here are some ebooks if you are interested.  They are free and can be downloaded, or you can read them right here at my place.  If you are gonna stay please don’t drink all the coffee, because I am coming right back, and I really need it.  I’ll see you in a couple of hours, so wait around for me!

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Where The Heck Am I?

I opened my eyes because something didn’t seem right. I wasn’t cold, but I wasn’t warm either. There was nothing to see so I couldn’t figure out where I was. I know my eyes were open, but there was nothing to see at all. It wasn’t dark, there was some illumination, but it didn’t come from anywhere in particular. It was everywhere. I seemed to be floating, and my mind reeled at that. Floating on what? It wasn’t water as there was nothing fluid about it. It wasn’t air either. No wind or breezes of any sort. I breathed, but that may just be my imagination.

I turned over and the view was exactly as it was everywhere else. I wondered to myself if I might be dead, but balked at that thought as I was obviously not dead. At least in the sense, I thought I was conscious, and that must mean I still live. That’s what a philosopher might say, my brain reminded itself. If I am really here, where ever here was, and properly thinking, I couldn’t be dead. But, the things I thought I was experiencing, or lack of the same made me feel even more uncertain about my present situation.

No sensory perceptions except sight, and that is probably unreliable, I thought. Maybe I am a part of some experiment, my brain intoned. It was so quiet I could hear my own thoughts, loud and clear. I went through the motions of snapping my fingers to hear if there was sound. I thought I heard the dull click of the snap, but once again my brain said I might be imagining that as well. My brain was moving at light speed, seeking answers to the mystery I seemed to have awakened to. I couldn’t tell anything of my situation. Zero perceptions my brain rattled, to my consciousness.

I tried a multitude of touch, feel, hear exercises, and I still wasn’t sure. My mind kept reminding myself, I am biased. I know what things sound like, and how things feel. A person always hear themselves, so it would just be another exercise in futility for me to shout. My mind was nearly in a state of panic, and the more I dwelt on it, the more panic I felt.

Where the heck am I, I wondered? What’s happening to me? How long has this been going on? The questions wouldn’t quit, and my mind was screaming at me to figure it out. Any experiment I seemed to try was inconclusive. I am biased I reminded myself. With no stimulation and another observer to confirm my actions, I was just deluding myself. There was nothing I could do to ascertain what was going on. My panic was growing larger than the unreality I seemed to be facing.

I kept telling my brain to calm down. As a rational being I should be able to come to some consensus, regarding my present predicament. I closed my eyes and calmed myself, willing my mind to just shut up. I thought I could apply a touch of zen to bring my senses back to right, but that really wasn’t working. I squeezed my eyes shut even tighter and willed myself to relax. I felt my heartbeat and counted off a hundred beats. That at least was working, I was starting to mellow out. I continued that exercise again and heard myself snore. Too relaxed obviously, so I opened my eyes and was blind. I rubbed them and still couldn’t see a thing. No light, not a single photon for my brain to capture.

I flipped over again, hoping to find more than sensory deprivation. The act of changing my position did something, I was falling! That was even more frightening than no input, as I could feel gravity taking me down, not gently, but with a great force. My body hit the bottom of the gravity well with a slam! I was laying there hurting from the abrupt stop, and I felt something else. The carpet! My carpet! Where ever the heck I had been, at least I was home now.

What Is the Problem?

I can point out lots of problems with everything in my life. I didn’t get a college degree. I didn’t try hard enough to be better than the Jones’s. I wasn’t greedy enough to want more than I was willing to work for. I didn’t want what everyone else seemed to want, so I didn’t compete for a better living. I didn’t lie, cheat or steal, to achieve my goals.
I didn’t try to prove how smart I was, and didn’t try to excel at anything. I got bored with creative projects. Once I could play a song half way decently, I wasn’t interested in playing it again. When I was bored in school, instead of showing the teacher how smart I was, I cut school and skipped classes. I knew the material the school wanted me to know. I just failed to take the next step.
I was tested in the 9th grade while I was in juvenile hall, for placement, as I had to go to school by state law. It turned out I couldn’t be placed anywhere in the juvenile hall school, as my grade level exceeded their’s. Even knowing this, I didn’t bother myself with trying to meet loftier goals.
I went to 3 semesters of college. I realized I would have to go for 6 or 8 years to get a degree worth anything. While still in attendance I saw fellow students, attain a degree and proceed to be janitors and waitresses. Over saturation of various fields, and another jump forward technologically, made choosing a future more tricky.
I have always known change, and instead of meeting its challenge, have shied away from it. So now it’s the future and I guess I’ve been the problem. I can’t blame someone else for my lot in life. I knew there were no free rides. Too bad I didn’t try a long time ago. That might have changed everything.  Maybe there wouldn’t be problems if I had done anything but Nothing when I had a chance.