Blogging For Bucks


I tried Internet Marketing, in a very poor fashion a couple of years ago.  I am not a salesman.  I found that out when I was a kid.  I couldn’t sell anyone Green Thumb Lawn Service, even when their lawn looked like crap!


I couldn’t sell a convict a set of keys to handcuffs, let alone market crud that no one seems to want.  I affiliated with various companies that supposedly sold reputable goods, and never saw a dime.  I advertised, put up Adsense, tried to entice people to look at my wares, and accomplished absolutely nothing.  Well actually I probably wrecked my reputation.


Even so, I still click on some of those ads that suggest I can make money by doing a particular thing. I know there are scammers out there, and folks that aren’t scamming but don’t really know what the product is.


I have a computer full of neat stuff promising to make me anywhere from $ 23 – $1000 per day. Cash Cows, Money Bots, Secret Software, Reports, Tips, Ebooks, Video, and charts with graphs, pictures, instructions, and most of it seems to be garbage.


Now there’s Blogging For Bucks, and if you can set up a blog, and figure out a paying ” Niche”.  You   can proclaim your expertise in your field, and get everybody to come by and spend their money at your site.  It could happen!


It never happened for me but that’s because I don’t know what I’m doing in any meaning of the words.  I can hardly make a post, let alone be able to sell you the keys to the cuffs that bind us.  Yet I still collect ideas and promises of Making Money On The Internet.


So you ask, how does this relate to the title of this article?  Blogging tips.  Do’s and don’ts of blogging.  Blogging tips, how to monetize your blog, and more tips on how to blog and let others provide you with content, and all of those types of ideas.  Lazy Blogging 101.


Here are some ebooks if you are interested.  They are free and can be downloaded, or you can read them right here at my place.  If you are gonna stay please don’t drink all the coffee, because I am coming right back, and I really need it.  I’ll see you in a couple of hours, so wait around for me!

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$$$ Big Time Online $$$

So, what’s this? I didn’t want to do another piece on the subject of making money on the internet, but it just keeps getting in the way. I have e-books that give ideas (proven methods) that tell me where to go and what to do. I have people who do the same thing, but it isn’t about making money online. I digress, sorry.
unfortunately I’m no technical wizard and can barely make a post on my blog. Almost everything online takes a fair amount of smarts, except maybe clicking on ads or commenting on websites. apparently a person could make money doing those things too.
I had a website for a couple of years, but I ended up moving and didn’t have easy access to the internet. I wasn’t able to work with the site, and it was going to cost more money to keep the thing going. I had thought putting ad words on it might help pay for its hosting, but that didn’t pan out.
So my experiences with the big w.w.w. have only made money for the internet. If a person has the smarts to do more technical things than just hunt and peck at the keyboard, there are about fifty things you can do to make money in cyber-space. I just don’t seem to have what it takes.
I think I can write, at least good enough that I can get a point across, but that doesn’t help much. I don’t consider myself an expert at anything. I lived off grid and can tell you how caveman did stuff, but most people couldn’t care less. Yet that is probably where my expertise is. Great niche, don’t you think?
“THE HARD WAY  COMPANY” Everything I’ve ever had to do , usually required me to do it the hard way. That will be true for trying to pay the bills from online. If you’re looking for that golden egg to land at your feet, here’s some things you can try.
1. Forum Posting 11. Become a website or domain broker
2. Forum Moderator 12. Start A Forum Posting Website
3. Article writing 13. Referral Exchange Programs
4. Become A Blogger 14. Buying and selling links
5. Guest Writer 15. Resell SSL Certificates
6. Podcasting 16. Drop Shipping
7. Online Counselor 17. Sell your unused items
8. Translation 18. Buy and Sell Items on eBay:
9. Outsourcing Middle-Man 19. Sell other people’s items on eBay
10. Employee Referral 20. Write an eBook on buying and selling
techniques in eBay

21. Participate in Paid Surveys
22. Submit links to Social Bookmarking sites on other’s behalf
23. Take up part-time Data Entry jobs
24. Get hired as Virtual Assistant
25. Participate in contests
So here are 25 ways to make money online that might work for you. I could tell you where to go and what to do, but if I save that info, I can write that out to you another time, ensuring I have a future post. Some of these possible money-making ideas won’t pay very much, and you may have to use two or three of these ideas to make enough to warrant doing.
I have another list with 75 more items on it that I’ll bring to you later, and even tell you what to do, or how to do it. Until then, I hope you find whatever you’re looking for and good luck with all of your endeavors.