Homesickness Plagues Squatch

No it’s not a cold, or the flu, or even the measles you’ve been hearing about, it’s a bad case of homesick. Here I am in the Reno area, with hot and cold running everything, and I miss home.

Home doesn’t offer many luxuries, or amenities as it is mostly what the realtors call “raw land “. That is property that ain’t got any of the niceties almost everyone else has, or are used to. Still wonder what that means? No anything.

No running water, no power, no septic yet, no house yet, no internet yet, in fact all that is at home is a dirt driveway and a crappy old 20 foot trailer. And still I miss home. And now you wonder what’s to miss if I have nothing?

The property is uncivilized as all get-out, but it has peace! No neighbors for nearly one half mile. I can only see a couple other houses, or trailers, or barns or whatever my neighbors live in. I have an uninterrupted view across the Okanogan Valley.  I can see for miles, and most of that view is mountains and forests.

Home is so quiet, my dogs tell me when someone is coming up the mountain. In fact, they tell me even though I could hear the rig also, and it would still be a mile away. And it may not even be headed for my place!

You’ve heard all of the cute little sayings, about home. Well, be it ever so humble, a guy likes to be in his own element. I thought I had left the rat-race behind, but here I am right back in the middle of it, in Reno Nevada. The population here for Reno and Sparks, according to 2010 census was 425,417.

photo -land

Home Sweet Home

The local town near home is Oroville Washington. It has a huge population of 1601 people, and I hardly ever see them. The whole county of Okanogan only has 41,293 folks claiming to live there, as of 2013. When I go to town, having to wait for more than 4 or 5 cars at the stop sign, ( no traffic lights ) constitutes a ” traffic jam “.

Here is a Google Earth snapshot of where I would rather be.  My spot is in the center of this photo.