Stop Making Our Families Sick!

Hey y’all, sorry to wax radical this morning, but I got this email in my box, and felt something should be done about things we just ignore and put up with.;jsessionid=6176FBAAB9DE628072D3282A01E1E41B.app207a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=12153&autologin=true&s_src=413ZSRNW01
Tell the Obama Administration to protect families from mountaintop-removal coal mining today!
SierraRise — Why stand apart, when we can rise together?
More profit for Big Coal?

Or less cancer and more mountains for future generations?

Take action today!
Send a message to the Obama administration today: No more mountaintop-removal mining!

Take action today!
Dear rusty,

My name is Donna Branham and I live in Mingo County, West Virginia — smack dab in the middle of coal-mining country.

A few years ago, Island Creek Coal Company opened a mountaintop-removal coal mine two miles from the house where I grew up, and where my Mom and Dad still lived. Because of the danger, my parents had to leave their home so that they could have a reasonable life. My mom never felt at home again.

After that, I knew I had to act. The coal companies are putting a burden on us, and it isn’t fair. I’ve got grandchildren, and I want them to live in a better world. That’s why I’m calling on the Obama Administration to put our health first, and why I’m asking you to take action too. I’m a registered nurse and I’ve seen firsthand how mining hurts the health of my community. I’ve seen how it is making my community sick — and year after year, it’s only getting worse.

I’m tired of seeing families get sick just so Big Coal can increase its profits. Please send your message to the Obama Administration before it’s too late: Put our health first — no more mountaintop-removal coal mines!

Mountaintop-removal coal mining blows off the tops of mountains to extract the coal that fuels our nation’s power plants. It has already leveled 500 mountains and buried over 1,200 miles of streams — but it gets worse. It raises my community’s risk of birth defects, cancer, and heart disease.[1]

Right now, dozens of permits are pending for new mines and the Obama Administration could approve them any day. If they get approved, it will mean more people get sick and more mountains get destroyed — but I don’t want any more families to suffer the effects of Big Coal’s pollution.

Send a message to the White House today, and let them know that families like mine need them to stand up and say no to any more mountaintop-removal coal mines. Our health depends on it.

There have been many times where folks like us worked together to make change happen. If it weren’t for mothers demanding a right to vote, women would still not be allowed at the polls. It takes people like you and me who get fed up enough to take action to make a change.

SierraRise is just the community to make that change, working together online for progress and a healthier planet. This community will reach new audiences and build a bigger and more powerful movement than ever before. That means sharing heartfelt stories and inspiring pictures with our friends and family and flooding the in boxes of public officials and corporations with powerful personal messages — thank you for being part of this.

If we stand together, we can create a better life for our children and grandchildren. Tell the Obama Administration to protect families from mountaintop-removal coal mining today!

Thanks for all you do to protect our environment!


Donna Branham
Sierra Club Volunteer
Mingo County, WV

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1. Cheves, John (2011 June 23). “Study notes spike in birth defects near mountaintop mining.” Lexington Herald Ledger.

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This email was sent to

I urge the Obama administration to take action to stop the most destructive form of energy extraction in America — mountaintop removal coal mining.

Recent, peer-reviewed science shows that mountaintop removal coal mining does more than destroy Appalachian mountains and streams; it increases risk of serious diseases such as birth defects, cancer, and cardiovascular disease mortality.

It’s time to end mountaintop removal coal mining!

There are so many issues that need to be addressed in this Great land of ours. We can’t allow big business keep making life difficult or impossible, for profits. I realize our country needs fuels to power our nation, but we also need future generations, to carry our nation into the future.
Please hear the pleas of the people and help us all to live a healthy and productive life.
Thank you for taking the time to hear the thoughts of our citizens.

Truly, Rusty Garner-Smith;jsessionid=6176FBAAB9DE628072D3282A01E1E41B.app207a?pagename=homepage&page=UserAction&id=12153&autologin=true&s_src=413ZSRNW01