Google Data tools – Download your data!

Here is another useful piece of information.  Just like keeping a back-up copy of important data, you may want to keep a second copy of all of your personal data, where you can access it at a moments notice.  If the internet went down, and you needed your information in a hurry, hoe would you access it?

Put your data on a dvd, or a set of them, and tuck them away in your file boxes or safe, just in case.

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Think About Removing Your Data from a Service Before You Need to

Most people don’t give a thought to whether they would be able to export their personal content from online services until they need to because they want to change services or whatever. Unfortunately, they often find that the service providers have put up walls presumably to lock people in by making it difficult or impossible to export your content.

Google believes you own your content. They honor that by providing tools that allow you to export your content easily, at no cost, and in a standard format that can be used elsewhere.

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Google Data tools – Download your data

Your account, your data.
Download a copy.

Create an archive with your data from Google products:

Choose the Google products to include in your archive and configure the settings for each product. This archive will only be accessible to you.

It’s important that you can access your Google data when you want it, where you want it – whether is it to import it into another service or just create your own copy for your archives.

People usually don’t look to see if they can get their data out of a product until they decide that they want to leave. For this reason, we always encourage you to ask these three questions before starting to use a product that will store your data:

★ Can I get my data out in an open, interoperable, portable format?
★ How much is it going to cost to get my data out?
★ How much of my time is it going to take to get my data out?

The ideal answers to these questions are:

✫ Yes.
✫ Nothing more than I’m already paying.
✫ As little as possible.

There shouldn’t be an additional charge to export your data. Beyond that, if it takes you weeks to get your data, it’s almost as bad as not being able to get your data out at all.

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