Climate Change To Accelerate At Pace Not Noticed in 1, 000 Years

All of the musicians are doing MASH_UPS these days, so I did a mash_up with the climate.
There might be climate change, and some of the effects are going to look just like the movie ” THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW “. Shifting weather patterns will be the norm for a long time to come, and if we continue to burn fossil fuels, the climate may never get back to what it was.

We do have the capability to utilize SOLAR, WIND, and TIDAL energy sources, and that can help some. Cars, factories, volcanoes and many other sources of carbon dioxide emissions will continue this current trend We have gone past, just turning off the lights we aren’t using. We need to be more energy-efficient and conservative with everything we do.

Climate Change To Accelerate At Pace Not Noticed in 1, 000 Years

Climate Change To Accelerate At Pace Not Seen In 1,000 Years – Climate change is accelerating at a rate not seen in 1,000 years, according to new findings. By the year 2020, global temperatures could be rising by nearly half a degree per decade, over twice the rate seen over the last 900 years, climatologists warn.

Over two dozen climate models were examined, with data arranged in 40-year cycles. This is roughly the length of time houses and roads tend to exist, before being replaced. Human activity is releasing vast quantities of carbon into the atmosphere, leading to climate change, including global warming, researchers warn.

Although the long-term effects of carbon on the environment can be simulated in computer models, short-term variations in weather make short-term predictions difficult. A base rate of global heating was determined for the period of 1850 to 1930, when human emissions of atmospheric carbon were much lower than in later decades.

Tree rings, ice cores and corals were examined, in order to create a record over global temperatures, stretching over the last 2,000 years. Investigators found that temperatures rarely rose more than 0.18 degrees Fahrenheit each decade, prior to the start of the 20th Century.

The climate is changing, sorry deniers but it’s true. A major happening is a large piece of a glacier in Antarctica has moved off of the shelf it was sitting on. The super cold freezes sea water, making fresh water ice, and allows the heavier salts to return to the bottom of the ocean. The iceberg that fell off of that shelf is the size of Rhode Island, and that will cause problems with the deep-sea currents.

The other problem is, a large lake under the ice sheets in Greenland has let go, dumping millions of gallons of cold fresh water into the northern end of the same deep ocean current. The two events happening at nearly the same time, has slowed down the Mid Atlantic Current.

That current carries the colder water to the tropics, and brings the heated waters north to the arctic.  With a slowdown in this current the climate will continue to show vast changes in weather patterns, we have not seen in present times.

Here is an info-graphic showing some of the major weather events just in the last year.
Significant Climate Anomalies And Events

Ocean Current Climate
(Infographic: Courtesy NOAA)

Save Our Poor Ragged Planet

Center for Biological Diversity

Thanks for taking action for gray wolves.

Dear Rusty,

Thanks for signing our petition Demand Justice for Echo, the Slain Grand Canyon Wolf to protect wolves on Care2, and welcome to the Center for Biological Diversity, where for 25 years we’ve been standing up for wolves and other wildlife across America. We’ve won protection for 571 species and more than 476 million acres of wildland.

Wolves need our help. While wildlife-hating politicians in Washington threaten to end their legal protection from coast to coast, wolves are already being slaughtered in trophy hunts in Idaho and Montana. They’re being killed by government gunmen to protect the profits of the meat industry from the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest. And they’re being illegally shot down from Kansas to Utah.

The Center has been working to protect wolves for more than 25 years. Our 1990 lawsuit led to the re-introduction of the Mexican gray wolf in the Southwest. We stopped the Bush administration from ending wolf protection in 2003 — this year alone we protected California’s wolves and ended Wyoming’s wolf hunt.

You can find out more about the Center’s wolf work on our campaign page. There’s a timeline of our wolf work, a map of historic gray wolf habitat, and check out our infographic on the wolf wars. We’ve even identified 350,000 additional square miles where wolves could roam. Join with the Center and help us stand up for gray wolves.

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Shut Down Hollywild Animal Park!

Tell USDA: Shut Down Hollywild Animal Park!

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Shut Down Hollywild
Animal Park

Sign Kristina’s Petition


Hollywild Animal Park in Wellford, South Carolina, has a horrible track record of animal health and safety violations, and recently had a fire that killed 27 of their animals! The USDA is currently investigating Hollywild, so Care2 member Kristina Snyder launched a petition urging them to shut Hollywild down.

Sign Kristina’s petition and help put an end to Hollywild’s legacy of poor animal care!

From a lack of veterinary care to rotten carcasses left in animal enclosures, Hollywild had over a dozen animal health and welfare violations the last time USDA inspectors were at the facility, triggering an in-depth investigation into the park. Tragically, before that investigation could be completed, an electrical fire burned down one of Hollywild’s animal barns, and killed 27 of their animals.

Beyond their previous violations, Care2 member Kristina Snyder maintains they are a breeding zoo that allows human/cub interactions and perpetuates the exotic pet problem, leaving accredited sanctuaries inundated with older, unwanted exotics.

Tell the USDA: It’s time to end Hollywild’s shameful run and shut them down.

Thanks for taking action!

Aaron V
The Care2 Petitions Team