I feel like I’ve been used. This might be how a rape victim feels. Someone crept around my neighborhood, and stole hundreds of blogs. What had started out as a near empty blog, with an about page and two articles in it, turned into a full blown blog over night.

We all re-blog articles that we want a greater audience to see. If we find something that we think our readers need to know, or would truly enjoy, we re-blog it. The word-press system allows for this, and usually cuts the post short, so you must go to the SOURCE. to finish the post.
That site now has hundreds of articles on it and just as many backlinks. I have reported this to word-press


timethief replied to a forum topic that you subscribe to
in response to the topic “Is someone, re-blogging hundreds of articles a day, Spamming?”:


You’re welcome. There’s nothing wrong with creating a private collection of resource links to reblogs but leaving the site public and exhibiting the bot-behavior you report goes beyond the pale. I’m sure our Terms of Service Staff will take care of this off the forums after you report it.


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