Commenting On What Ever You’re Looking For

This is an old post from a blog that never went anywhere. It is a rehash of the old. No one was interested in it, even sitting in cyber-space for 2 plus years. Comments – 0 Views – 0. At least the score was tied. I still want to know, what do you want? I spent a week standing on my head, hoping to catch your attention, and failed again, as usual.
31 May, 2012
When writing blog posts I try to write about subjects other people may want to read. I don’t get enough feed back from my visitors to know what they would prefer to know more about, so I’m left guessing. I keep hoping some of you might leave a comment suggesting what you would enjoy reading, so I can put out there whatever you’re looking for.

I keep hoping to share knowledge, ideas and information, as everywhere I look someone is trying to sell information. I think information should be free. It’s one thing taking lessons and learning from someone, and they might feel their time is worth something, but the little info a person gets shouldn’t be a money thing.

People tend to over value themselves, like they’re all ” that ” and really that kind of greed is exactly what’s wrong on this planet. Even though we all have to make money to pay bills, charging people for simple information is greedy.

I had hopes the Internet would be more interactive. I figured people would comment, saying ” Gee, I really liked the article about that, but was hoping you would write on this subject! “ Or ” that article was stupid, how can you think anyone would want to read about that? “ I can’t control what others comment on or think, or what others say in their comments. I recognize commenting on blogs is one way to get others to check out the many and diverse blogs and websites out here in cyberspace, and to create back-links. I welcome your comments, although sometimes I have trouble interpreting the comments made to me, as the translation is not as accurate as it can be.

It becomes even more difficult as I think, speak and write in English, and I know it is a hard language to learn all of the nuances of. I had thought some of you might want articles for your sites, and of course you might want Me to write them, even if I am not a famous author or journalist. I do have 50 plus years of experience, although that isn’t in writing. I can spell sometimes and do know how to make subjects interesting, at least I hope I do!

I feel like I’m just wasting digital ink at times. I had thought a year ago when I started writing articles on various subjects, the people out there would let me know, whether they liked what they found or didn’t. I had thought the Internet would be a lot more interactive, meaning more people would honestly get involved with me in various ways.

I kept asking what you all would like to know more about. No one says a word, leaving me to my own devices. I had thought you all would tell me how you don’t like the garbage I’ve been publishing, and you want better information, or newer information, or ideas that are in line with what you are trying to do. Instead no one says much of anything.

I do read all of the comments on my sites. Sometimes the translations aren’t as clear as I would like, but unfortunately translations are literal, and don’t comply to modernistic or slang usages of various languages. I appreciate your comments, even if I don’t get around to approving them immediately.

About the approval of your comments : Your comments usually will be approved if you leave a website address, or a real e-mail address. If you don’t have a website, that’s fine…just don’t leave a phony one. I do look up the sites you list as your urls, and am disappointed when the page won’t load or comes back with site cannot be found. I try to be honest and of course I always hope you will be honest too.

You are welcome to make comments, good or bad, giving me approval or not, it doesn’t matter. I know many will make comments so as to create back-links to their own sites, and I’m all for that. I believe in honesty! If you don’t like what I write you are welcome to tell me so. If you want a particular bunch of articles published for your enjoyment, feel free to state that. I only write because I can’t make videos yet, although I Do think I can write, at least somewhat.

I understand the English language, and have used it to create my own amusements. If you want articles for your own sites, I am open to trades or other arrangements. Like I stated earlier, I am looking for more interaction between you and myself. Let me know how you feel about whatever you feel and let’s get to know each other.

I have a couple of blogs out there in cyberspace, hidden between the 366 million websites you can dial-up, and you’re welcome to check them out as well. Hope to hear from you, telling me What Ever You’re Looking For. You all have a great day too!
Rusty Garner-Smith
Hey, did you see that number? 366 million websites ? Now that number is over 1 billion!