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Welcome to the back room where stuff just piles up from lack of attention. This is where most of the tools are kept, as well as all the file boxes, broken or items needing repair that can’t stay where they belong, cause they just don’t work.

It’s kinda crowded in here and I’m really sorry there ain’t more room for everyone. This is like a garage or shop, and some of you won’t want to hang around. It does get loud sometimes with chain saws needing tune ups, or power tools doing their power thing.

See over there in that corner? That’s all files on fixing junk. Over there on that shelf is a whole raft of How To books, and that pile of stuff against the back wall is all spare parts. There are tools on the peg board, and in the various tool boxes, and strewn about because there are an awful lot of projects to finish.

Feel free to poke around and if you find something you want to work on, help yourself to whatever you need. I’ll be inside getting a cup of joe, and carting all the rest of the project material out here. See ya if you stick around….

How to make a Mini Lathe

How to make a motor | Do Try This At Home | At-Bristol Science Centre

How to make a macro lens | Do Try This At Home | At-Bristol Science Centre

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3 thoughts on “The Back Room

  1. love the diy lathe – have just started woodturning and would love to make one, but he really has the tools for it and I don’t!

    only one comment, even I as a newbie can see that he left out a tool rest which makes controlling the tool and how the wood is shaped, easier and safer – is that blood or wood dye I can see – smile!

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