Who Am I?

I am me. That doesn’t tell you anything. The short answers are annoying aren’t they? Who I am is defined by what I do, or accomplish. The person me, is defined by the reaction I get from others. The short answer is I ain’t anybody special, except to a few.
I am an old guy learning how to manipulate modern-day tools, like the world-wide web. I was born in El Paso Tx. and raised in northern California. I was in Golden Gate Park for the free concerts during the summer of love. That was in 1967, for all you youngsters that didn’t know when that was. I didn’t go to Woodstock, as I thought it might get crowded. I’ll always regret not going, as Woodstock turned out to be the biggest rock concert ever. I even had a ride from San Francisco to the concert.
In the mid 70’s I became tired of crowds, and California started to feel like a keep out zone to me. In my brain I saw a map of the golden state with barbed wire fences around it and signage stating “Keep Out No Trespassing”. I got out!
I learned carpentry in the Job Corps, but wasn’t really interested in being an apprentice for 3 years, so I decided to plant trees. I worked for a company located in Bend Oregon, and planted trees all over the west coast. From New Mexico to Washington state, mostly up in the mountains, I planted trees. Hoedad, planting bar, and augur became the tools of my chosen trade.
In 1977 I found a small rural place to live. Everyone drove old beater pickups and flat-bed trucks there, and the big city was safely 25 miles from me. That place was Whidbey Island, in the Puget Sound, in northern Washington state. While on Whidbey, I got involved in the logging industry, primarily doing tree topping and view trimming. I also ran heavy equipment doing land development. Loaders, backhoes, dozers and excavators became my favorite toys.
In 1988 my world began to change. I met a woman. Actually I have had many girl friends over the course of time. So, you know where this is going. I got married. That was truly a big step for me, as I was a confirmed bachelor. With marriage came kids, and responsibilities. My wife had 4 children in a previous marriage, and then another one with me.
In 1990 an article in a newspaper in L.A., told the tale of a quiet little rural place up in Washington state. Only 25 miles north of Seattle, a paradise just waiting to be developed. That year over 6000 new homes were built on the south end of the island, where I lived.
I spent my life moving northward, trying to avoid the crowds and the BMW attitude. That attitude I am referring to is ” I’m better than you, Me first, You don’t count”. So as well as tying the knot in a real relationship, we decided to move to a more rural area. That new place was in Sandpoint Idaho.
We bought 40 acres on the Pack River. The property was terraced and wooded. It was at the very end of a dead-end road, and super private. The only problem with the move was, no power, no running water except in the river, and the employment situation was terrible. Logging was being phased out, as the trees were getting farther from towns. Sandpoint was gearing up to be a destination stop, and tourism was to replace logging as a way to make a living.
I love living in the woods. Pictures taken of me looked like the elusive shots people have taken of the Sasquatch. I enjoyed the privacy. The closest neighbors were 3/4 miles away, and were hidden behind a screen of evergreens.
So who am I? I’ve spent years culturing a frightening look, to help keep other people at a distance. Mostly that worked. I am as reclusive as I am able to be, considering as a human being I still have to deal with others.
I want to believe most people are inherently good, and I see great acts of kindness and unselfishness sometimes, although mostly I see nasty, angry people who have the attitude, ” I want to know about you, but I really don’t want to know you”. I guess that is to be expected as so many deviants seem to be among us.
I am a “red necked, reclusive hippy”. Who are you?


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17 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Heh heh Rusty, i see you use the word stalk as following. i am so glad about this, i thought you actually meant you thought i was stalking you on my blog. So nice to meet you by the way. Love to read you.

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  2. I’m glad to know this.Thanks! I lived in Boston for most of my life but got out in May 2014. I fled the country for many reasons, mostly because I was denied freedom of speech. I knew I had to keep writing without being subject to threats and scare tactics. I live in a small town now but will be moving to “middle of nowhere” in a few months. Self-reliance rocks! I am 57 and looking forward to the rest of my life.

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    • Hey Julie, I appreciate your comments, and ask you if I may use some of your comments to further this story. Did you go to Dr. Langan’s site and see what else he has there? Thanks for your input, and if you have more info, or ideas as to these problems, I would be grateful for your help.


      • Oh my goodness yes! I was a patient whistleblower, which was why I had to leave the USA. Michael found me. I didn’t know him, even though I lived in Boston. I’m currently teaming up with someone (Michael might know this person) and we are going to be blowing patient abuse and subsequent coverup out into the open. I’ve written a bunch of books but haven’t had any of the recent ones published (they aren’t ready). I have an MFA in Creative Writing and can help folks with writing memoir and putting books together. Have you seen my blog? I subscribe to Michael’s.

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  3. as you left your link on “your spare”, I thought I’d come and see what you write about – looked you up here first – like everyone else that has left comments above, I really like the way you tell people about yourself – just crosses the line from private and back, whilst giving the picture!

    will go and have a look at some of your posts now – smile

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  4. Well at least now I know a bit about Rustygarnersmith. I’m 55 this year, have lived in Utah my entire life and think your version of where you ended up sounds great! No noise, no neighbors, no urban pollution. The peace of woods that is like nothing else. I now live in northern Utah in a small town. Lovely post, maybe the most descriptive of the “Who Am Is?” that I’ve read here. Nice to meet you!

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  5. Great “about me”, deep respect. As I live in town, surrounded with cars, block of flats and many people I envy a bit every one living in the woods. I feel the best out of town in nature. We even considered moving out, but it would be difficult because of job situation and children didn’t want to. But I hope one day … when kids are adult maybe we’ll do it.

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