The Urgent Need to Prepare

Are we ready yet? It always seems like too much urgency is shouted to be prepared. It can’t be said quietly, time is not on anyone’s side. Hope you enjoy this lengthy read.

The American Citadel

*I originally wrote this article in September, 2014. It featured on the Independent American Party’s website and was later picked up by the Independent Political Report. Since it apparently no longer exists on those platforms, I’ve decided to republish it here. I’ve edited it slightly for punctuation, but it’s essentially intact and unchanged from seven years ago. There are a few things I might say differently if I was writing it at the present time, but I trust you’ll glean the benefits and timeless principles*

In theparableof the Ten Virgins told by our Lord, we are taught the virtue of being prepared. Theparableis focused primarily on spiritual matters, but the temporal applications are also plain. Our world is turbulent and the need to prepare for contingencies and disasters of all types – whetherman-madeor natural –has never been greater. September is national preparedness month and therefore I am devoting this…

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