Can You Read This Now? A Rant Rebuttal

Recently I read a post from a fellow blogger, that gave 25 reasons why he wouldn’t read some blogs. There were too many problems with a number of sites, the least of which was a black site with white writing. That was probably meant for me, as my site was that way for a long time.

Mostly it was a bitch session, but I took it to heart and thought maybe my readers were tired of straining their eyes at my place. So I rolled out the white walls, and totally ruined my widgetry. Now you can read what’s there but can’t find ” whatever you’re looking for “.

I understand if you are putting up a thousand word post, it works better for people to have it broken up into short paragraphs. Three or four sentences, maybe five if they are relatively short. That goes for all reading. You don’t want to lose someone among all those words in there, so I try to write short paragraphs.

What about this stupid font design I pulled up? Can you read me now? I am sure it won’t matter in the least, as the Word press editor will probably change this format, to something I wasn’t looking for. It always does that, you know? This font is not all that readable, but it is bold!

I never got comments remarking on the readability of the site before I changed the theme, and I suppose it’s easier for people to read when it’s black writing on a white background, but a lot of that is from our upbringing. If paper had been black when it was first manufactured, instead of tan, or gray ( papyrus, bamboo, birch bark, parchment ) people would be used to it. Then it would be normal to see white letters on a black surface.

Straying just a little, paper yellows with age and becomes brittle. Old books are falling apart due to their age. Fortunately we are in the digital age now, and digital information won’t rot, although some of the digital information is rotten!

Anyway, that fellow blogger was moaning about spelling, and I guess he had a point there, as a spell-checker could fix that. The rant about grammar was a little far reaching, when one considers many bloggers are not from America, Australia or England where English is the main written and spoken language. But then again, the Queens provinces write a different English than do us Americans.

I don’t believe translations were taken into account either, and many languages don’t translate nicely into other languages. I expect one day in the future, humanity will manage to speak and write in a universal language. Every few hundred years the contemporary languages change. Greek was the big thing for a while, and then Latin, as scholars learned the languages of the sciences.

Off topic again, I liked ” FIREFLY “, where in a future, humanity lives in another Solar System, and the language has fragmented into the two main powers of that time period. Chinese, and English. That was a great idea!

Colors, banner ads, and other distractions. That blogger said he wouldn’t read a blog if there were two many bright colors, or there were large banners, and ads all over the site. Maybe I’ll have to get some of those. I suspect he wouldn’t like the GIF’s out there either, although he didn’t really specify.

I think he mentioned the different colored texts for every other word, so look out, as he won’t read your blog either. That fellow blogger forgot to mention the sites where you need a magnifying glass to see the text. The Word press editor seems to defeat me on that score. I will write in large bold fonts only to hit publish and have the post come out in calibri 11, and spaced at 1.15, so I don’t know how to deal with that.

Wow, guess what? ( sorta off topic ) I just discovered the ” toolbar toggle ” and I’ll bet if I use that, I can get my words big enough, for you see them from another state! I am going to try that, in a few minutes if I decide this is worth the effort to post.

I think the rest of that rant was about boring, or revamped same old posts, he had seen everywhere. I guess not all that many people are very original. Everything is built up, from a lesser model, or rearranged from a model already out there. Very few ideas are truly original. If they were, the one’s with that original idea are now rich, and certainly not blogging.

I do have to admit, that fellow blogger did make a few points that even I can agree with. I won’t read a blog that spouts a bunch of racist crap, or uses profanity to the extreme, with every other word describing in the foulest manner their views or deeds, I won’t stick around to read hatred, or even just plain nasty ranting.

Sometimes you have to spice a post up a bit, by calling a spade a spade, but a person doesn’t have to get so carried away with it, they drive people away. Even nice people use profanity sometimes. There is a time and a place for that, but it’s another thing to just go on and on.

That blogger didn’t like the one sentence posts either. I guess when you go to all of that effort of pushing a button, you want to satisfy yourself, and recharge with a medium length, interesting post. Now we all have to figure out what is Interesting, and define medium length. I didn’t realize blogging could be full of so many challenges.

Oh yeah, we are not supposed to moan about all of our problems either. That blogger pointed out, we all have our problems, and we should just leave them at home. No body wants to read our dirty laundry out here on the web. Actually he stated we should just sign in to Facebook, if that was all we were going to post. I hate Facebook, so I guess I’ll just have to quit blogging.

We were also reminded to not post our tweets, as that was usually so much drivel, so now I don’t know what to do, where to go, or how to do it. I bet if I asked that blogger, he would tell me in no uncertain terms. I am glad I have friends like that here on the Internet, to guide me and insure my presence is noticed and appreciated.

40 thoughts on “Can You Read This Now? A Rant Rebuttal

  1. Ha! Thanks for the smile. Here’s my 2 cents…
    I can understand why readers aren’t always going to go for long posts, but if it holds your attention, you don’t notice the length so much. If it doesn’t or rambles too far for too long, youll probably lose readers of that particular post. I think the complaints over long posts really stems from a preference to just “get on with it” and click over to the next post. They don’t seem to account for content. 1500 interesting words is infinitesimally better than 750 words wishing I hadn’t wasted my time on it.
    With grammar, I admit to getting stuck on some words in the wrong place (they’re, their, there comes to mind), but oddly enough ESL writers don’t bug me – they rarely use the *wrong* word and still seem to get their point across just fine. What they usually drop off the sentence is not important to whatever point they are trying to make.
    I can understand color issues, but for me it’s more the neon brights that sear my eyeballs trying to read off it. Really, why is yellow an excellent font color on a lime green background?! or pink on purple?! Contrast really is necessary for optimal online viewing, but white on black is just as legible, IMHO. I think if you bother to view your own site (and not from design page) you can tell pretty easily if you would want to read it like that so… Make changes as appropriate.
    I’m all for constructive criticism, ask for input and sometimes you get good ideas and suggestions… but in the end it’s totally your own decision whether to choose to take the advice or not. Those that don’t like it? Well guess they won’t be reading then, huh?! For crying out loud, it’s YOUR blog! Do whatever the fk you wanna do with it!


  2. I’ve been reading a lot of posts like that lately. I just have to remind myself that I don’t write for them anyway. One person said they don’t want to read posts over 1,000 words. I like posts that are in that range, occasionally longer. I couldn’t care less about themes…as long as my eyes can take it. Grammar is something I occasionally struggle with (punctuation, and run-on sentences particularly), and I know that not even snowflakes are completely unique…I read for perspective, content, style, and to learn. But that’s me. We all have our reasons and there is an audience for all of them that we may or may not reach.

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  3. OMG, RGS. I did that placard on my blog, remember “Still don’t get it” and the satirical article “Blogger wins war against free speech” because of a similar blog post. I was angry but that was my way of fighting back: turning him into a joke. It’s unfortunate that someone thinks this form of bigotry is okay. What’s even more unfortunate is when someone gets to readers and they’re feeling judged. Please don’t take any of that on board.

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  4. What’s the problem with black background and white text anyway?

    And for God’s sake, what’s up with those grammar Nazis on the net? As you pointed out, the web has a diverse number of different races whose English is not their first language. Hell, English is also not my first language.

    The blogger also said that he hates racist remarks but he is indirectly being racist with that remark. Well, there are people who write like some retard who bangs his head repeatedly on a keyboard. However, if there’re only very minor mistakes, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

    The funny thing about those people who always talk about using proper grammar is that several of them tend to commit grammatical errors as well if you check their writings…

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  5. I know my posts don’t please everyone and that’s ok. I say when someone is interested enough they will pop on over take a look and either keep their interest or just move along.
    Point is you do your blog as you see fit and post what you like. I do think the dark background is a little harsh but so what. There are worse things so I just take a little longer to read the posts. And on the phone app I don’t even see the colors haha

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    • I have white walls now. I never thought about how it is seen from a phone. I try to make sure the site is mobile friendly, but the rules for that are very different than what works on a pc, or mac.


    • This was very kind of you to point out: “I know my posts don’t please everyone and that’s okay.” That’s the way to think about it. For me, it’s nice when people just visit to have a look. And yes, with the reader, you don’t see the colours. I have subscribers whose blogs are hard to navigate. I can’t find posts, so I stick them in the reader list and I’m fine. It’s called adjusting and being flexible. i wonder if these people are good at their jobs if they’re this thick?

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