The Aztec king Cuauhtémoc

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1525 – The Aztec king Cuauhtémoc is executed by Hernán Cortés’s forces.
Cuauhtemoc was defeated more by famine than by force of arms. The Spaniards, backed by their Indian allies, seized the city market and the defenders were threatened with starvation. Indomitable as ever, Cuauhtemoc decided to raise fresh forces in the countryside to aid the beleaguered city. But he was captured while crossing the lake in a pirogue and, with that, all Aztec resistance ended.

Cortés treated his foe chivalrously. “A Spaniard knows how to respect valor even in an enemy,” he declared. Then, to his eternal discredit, he allowed Aldrete, the greedy royal treasurer, to have Cuauhtemoc tortured to make him reveal the whereabouts of hidden treasure.

Cuauhtemoc, insisting that there was no hidden treasure, heroically stood up under the ordeal. In the end, a shamed Cortés delivered him from Aldrete’s hands. But there was a final horror. In 1525, Cuauhtemoc was serving as an auxiliary on a Cortés-led expedition into Honduras. Convinced by an Indian convert to Christianity that Cuauhtemoc was conspiring against him, Cortés had him tried for treason. Found guilty, he was sentenced to hang.

The history here is extremely interesting, and I would recommend you go to the link and read the whole article this came out of.

Tenochtitlan (The Impossible City)

Aztecs ~ Spanish Invasion

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